Shining Shot is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series. It launches a volley of magical arrows that ignore the enemy's defence.


Dragon Quest VIII

Making its debut, it is learned when Angelo invests 88 skill points into the Bow skill tree. It costs 10 MP to use and deals 116-124 damage to all enemies.

Note: Despite the flavor text, the skill uses the bang element rather than zap.

Dragon Quest IX

Shining Shot can be used by any character that has the "Archery for the Adept" (quest #84) item in their inventory and is equipped with a Bow. This technique strikes all enemies in battle for 145~155 points of damage, and bears the actual light element this time.

Dragon Quest X

Learned when 120 skill points are invested into the Bow skill tree, a glowing arrow is fired at random and fires a Light attribute attack on the target and its surroundings six times at random, 0.75 times the normal attack per hit. It is also used by Crimson Killing Machines in battle.

Dragon Quest XI

Now an enemy only skill, it is once again used by Crimson Killing Machines in battle against their enemies.

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