Shove is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Attempts to remove an enemy from the battle, utilizing Whack's resistance table. Because tossed foes do not yield gold or experience, the skill is considered redundant next to Pressure Pointer.


Dragon Quest VI

Shove is learned by advancing to rank 4 of the Thief vocation. It is also used by Trolls, Boss trolls, and Stout trolls in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Shove is now learned at rank 2 of the Thief vocation. It acts the same as in VI, and is used by Swinoceroses.

Dragon Quest IX

Shove can now disable an enemy for 1 turn. It is used by Swinoceroses once again, as well as Chariot chappies & Flamin' draymen.

Dragon Quest X

Used by the Trolls and Boss trolls for the first time since VI, they can force an enemy out of the battle, along with disabling and damaging. Great trolls, Terror trolls, and the Gladiator troll can also use this skill in battle.

Dragon Quest XI

Once again used by the Troll line, it acts the same as X, though only the Stout troll uses it.

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