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The side winder is a monster appearing in the Dragon Quest series.


In Dragon Quest VII, the side winder is a boss that accompanies The Time Being at the end of Inside the Time Frame, and sharing the same features like a Little devil. By Dragon Quest XI, it is a normal enemy and has a new coloration, which it shares with the Spawny devil. They also have an annoying habit of using the Sands of time to reset the battle anew.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest VII[]

#298 - Side winder
Demon Family
No Image HP MP Attack Defence Agility
230 40 85 73 52
Exp Gold Drop None
77 25 G
Note: None
Normal attack
Uses the Sands of time
Haunts at:
Inside the Time Frame
Monster Meadows quotes:


There are two Side winders that fight alongside The Time Being. They are souped up Little devils in actuality. What makes this battle particularly frustrating is the Side winders' ability to use the Sands of Time. This item reverts the entire battle to the beginning of the fight, meaning everybody is return to their original states at the start of the battle. This is a mixed blessing. If the player is about to lose all of their party members and a Side winder uses the Sands of Time, it saves on having to bail out the player's party. However, if they are about to land the killing blow and the Sands of Time is used, it leads to frustration. Expect the battle to be drawn out a while as the Side winder uses Sands of Time at least three times before the entire match is done. Another setback is that the player can't target the Side winder with group spells as they line up like this.

  • Side winder
  • The Time Being
  • Side winder

Because of this, only spells like Boom will work which leads to another problem. The Time Being casts Bounce, which sends a spell cast against The Time Being back against the user.

The solution to beating the Side winder is being patient and dealing with them first. Focus on one Side winder at a time and do not worry about The Time Being. Do not use skills like Sword Dance which are random and may focus on the wrong enemy. Instead, use spells like Frizzle and attacks that hit a single enemy like Knuckle Sandwich. Focus on one Side winder and then the other. If a Side winder uses the Sands of Time, just be patient and continue the same strategy until both of them fall. Then work on The Time Being.

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Definitive[]

#670 - Side winder
Demon Family
DQXI - Spawny devil 2D HP MP Attack Defence Agility
81 159 92 84 110
Exp Gold Drop Kitty litter (Common)
Dieamend (Rare)
142 46 G
Note: Mean little monsters with the ability to turn back time. Whenever they happen to be in a bad spot, they just bash the rewind button until everything's better again.
Normal attack
Uses the Sands of time
Haunts at:
Rainbow Mines (Only in the 3DS and Definitive versions)

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Remontueur
German Zeitarbeiter
Spanish Secuarzo
Italian Aiutante del Tempo
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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