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Side quests in the Dragon Quest series are optional tasks that are not required to reach the ending credits. Such tasks can be attempted alongside or after the completion of the main quest. The purpose of said tasks are to gain various rewards or resolve unanswered questions.

Dragon Quest[]

See main article: Princess Gwaelin.

Dragon Quest II[]

Dragon Quest III[]

Dragon Quest IV[]

A side quest that parallels most of the main game is the development of the Immigrant Town founded by Hank Hoffman Jr.

Bonus content includes (Chapter 6):

Dragon Quest V[]

The bonus content in Dragon Quest V includes a bonus dungeon where the hero finds the king of hell, Estark.

Dragon Quest VI[]

Dragon Quest VII[]

Dragon Quest VIII[]

In Dragon Quest VIII there are very few sidequest outside of the main plot. One of the more prominent sidequests is the one where the hero chooses to help either Cash or Carrie win their father's inheritance by helping them complete the dragon's graveyard. The quest is not needed to further the storyline, however it is useful to accelerate the opening of the casino in Baccarat. The quest is only unlocked after the party has defeated Dhoulmagus.

After the defeat of Marcello, the party can undertake a quest to find the whereabouts of the Chancellor from Argonia. This will eventually lead the party to the Troll's Maze.

The Dragovian Sanctuary may also be accessed after the defeat of Rhapthorne. This quest line is to a take on a series of challenging super bosses and to explore the main hero's origin story.

Dragon Quest IX[]

See main article: Dragon Quest IX side quests.

Dragon Quest XI[]

See main article: Dragon Quest XI side quests

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