The Six Orbs are six mythical orbs of different colors which are used to hatch Ramia in Dragon Quest III. The orbs are found in various locations in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. Finding the orbs consitutes the largest sub-quest in the game.

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Dragon Quest VIII

The six orbs (plus a 7th "Gold Orb") are key items obtained in preparation for the final battle. After Rhapthorne had absorbed the power of his Black Citadel into his body, growing gigantic in size as a result, he ensrouded himself into a dark and by any means impenetrable barrier. Having grown too powerful to be sealed, a final battle to the death with the World of Darkness's tyrant was inevitable. In order to break his barrier, the Great godbird Empyrea entrusted the Echo flute to the Hero and his group. Only with the help of the souls of the Seven Sages, returned from the afterlife to permanently defeat Rhapthorne, the barrier could be broken and thanks to this sacred musical instrument, the physical manifestation of their souls, the orbs, could be located and collected. Each of said orb end up lingering in the proximity of where their last living descendant tragically passed away. After collecting the orbs and reuniting with Empyrea, the group of heroes flown on her back to engage in combat with Rhapthorne. By praying to the orb using the Godbird Sceptre as a medium, the party summoned the Seven Sages, who in turn destroyed the barrier surrounding Rhapthorne allowing the party to slay him once and for all.

Dragon Quest IX

The six orbs appear as extremely rare alchemy ingredients, for upgrading the most advanced equipment in the game. They are rare drops from the various Legacy Bosses. A Yellow Orb is also obtained upon the completion of Quest #173, on Hexagon Hill. The orbs are, more specifically, used in upgrading the rarest weapons and armour (excluding accessories), and even creating Alchemiracles.

Dragon Quest XI

The six orbs reappear as the keys to the Shrine of Yggdrasil, creating a chromatic bridge to the World Tree Herself. The six orbs were created in ancient times by Yggdrasil's most faithfull servants, the Watchers, by condensing the power of Yggdrasil by crystalizing her dew, using technology now lost to time. Due to their connection to the mighty tree, a cast-off branch of Yggdrasil, retrived by Erdwin long ago, dubbed the Rainbough due to his prismatic colors, can be used by Yggdrasil's chosen few, the Luminaries, to track down the orbs, as the Rainbough brightly shines when near one of the orbs if wielded by such a chosen. Under normal circumstances the orbs are completly passive, save from a faint glow emitting from them. As such, with their only purpose being to open a road to Yggdrasil being unknown to most people, humans began treating the relics as very precious jewels, selling them for massive amounts of money.

The red orb eventually ended up being an Heliodorian royal treasure; likewise the blue orb was treasured by the Snifleheim royal family. The silver orb was guarded by the noble family of knights in charge of Puerto Valor but eventually its shiness attracted the attention of an Hades condor, who broke into the mansion it was held and purloined it to its nest in The Eerie Eyrie. The yellow orb whereabouts are unknown but eventually it became the consolation prize for the prestigious Masked Martial Arts tournament held in Octagonia. The green orb (mistaken for a giant pearl) was being shipped on a Gondolian trade ship, but sank near the underwater mermaid kingdom of Nautica when the vessel was tragically caught in a storm; aware of its true importance, the mermaid monarchy safely guarded the orb for when the Luminary would need it. Similarly aware, the Zwaardsrustian royal family fierciely guarded the purple orb. When Mordegon's forces stormed the realm trying to retrive it, the knights of the kingdom, led by their king Arnout, standed aganist them and although they, alongside their home, were wiped out, they succeeded in hiding the relic and ensure it didn't fall in the hands of evil.

The blue orb would however briefly be stolen from Snifleheim royal treasury. Searching for words of advice, the scholar Snorri was sent to the kingdom Dundrasil to ask the monarch for his wisdom. Thanks to the invaluable advice form Lord Robert, who had briefly taken back his royal duties to give King Irwin some rest of mind in the day of his first son birth, the culprint was swiftly identified and the blue orb reclaimed.

The red orb would many years later similarly stolen by the thief Erik and his partner Derk, spurned in the act both by his late sister infatuation with the jewel and the profecy of his own redemption made by The Seer, who planned to have the thief join forces with the newly reborn Luminary. Erik would end up captured by the Heliodorian army shortly after hiding his prize in Downtown Heliodor and he swiflty was trown in the deepest part of the castle's dungeon. Prioritazing his partner over the loot, Derk would later return the orb claiming to have simply found it, and use the reward money to open a fancy shop in the rich district of Heliodor City, so that he could in turn use his newfound earnings to bribe the guards in letting Erik plan his evasion. Meanwhile the red orb was relocated in the ancient Heliodorian kings mausoleum of The Kingsbarrow. Mordegon however, already in possesion of King Carnelian's body, planned to eventually smuggle the orb in his private possesion under the guise of a theft. He sent two Grim gryphons, who slaughtered all the guards posted there, but this plan was foiled thanks to timely arrival of Erik and his new companion the Luminary, as the thief was dead set to keep the red orb in his possesion.

After the Luminary and his party of companions were able to obtain the Rainbough, a vision delivered to them by the sacred branch informed them of the importance of six orbs for their quest. Thankfully both the red orb and the yellow orb had miraculously already found their way in their hands, and so the party set out to collect the remaing four orbs and use them for their inteded purpose.

They were however ambushed by Jasper, a knight of Heliodor who was corrupted by Mordegon. Empowered by a seventh orb, the Orb of Darkness, created by Mordegon out of pure darkness and evil magic, Jasper was able to overcome the group. Jasper was then joined by his master Mordegon, who in turn was able to finalize his master plan to steal Yggdrasil powers for himself. After his transformation, Mordegon retrived the six sacred orbs leaft behind by the group due to their sudden escape, and, after corrupting them with darkness, unlocked their latent magical power. He then bestowed them to his Spectral Sentinels, his six most faithful servants that he himself created. The red orb was given to Alizarin, a giant marine dragon, granting him a nearly impenetrable shield. The green orb was given to Booga, a decadent but crafty and dangerous buffoon, boosting his magical abilities. The purple orb was given to the skeletral warrior Tyriant, who used it to shroud the kingdom of Heliodor in an everlasting night. The blue orb was given to the draconic warrior Indignus, making him able to disrupt the abilities of his enemies. The yellow orb was given to Gyldygga, the alterego of the human child Mia, whose suffering, greed and despair was twisted and weaponized by Mordegon, greatly amplifing the ability of her cursed pendant to turn things to gold. The silver orb was leaft for Jasper, who used it to transform himself into a fearsome demon. One by one, each of these fiends were extinguished by the Luminary, and the orbs were restored to their original state.

Unsatisfied by the great toll the battles took, the Luminary decided to travel back in time to prevent Mordegon's rise of power. Similarly to the orginal events, the sacred orbs were used to unlock the road to Yggdrasil. This time however, the Luminary was able to counter Jasper's attack thanks the Sword of Shadows, a corrupted Sword of Light he retrived after defeating the empowerd Mordegon. Matched with an equal object created by the same power, the Orb of Darkness and the Sword of Shadows end up destroying each other, with also the possibility that the time-paradoxical nature of the Sword of Shadows ended up further weakening the weapon. With his master plan foiled, Mordegon is unable to obtain neighter the Sword of Light nor the six sacred orbs, which remain safely in the party's hand for all the remains of their journey.

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