The Six Orbs are six mythical orbs of different colors which are used to hatch Ramia in Dragon Quest III. The orbs are found in various locations in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. Finding the orbs consitutes the largest sub-quest in the game.

List of Orbs

Other Appearances

Dragon Quest VIII

The six orbs (plus a 7th "Gold Orb") are key items obtained in preparation for the final battle.

Dragon Quest IX

The six orbs appear as extremely rare alchemy ingredients, for upgrading the most advanced equipment in the game. They are rare drops from the various Legacy Bossess. A Yellow Orb is also obtained upon the completion of Quest #173, on Hexagon Hill. The orbs are, more specifically, used in upgrading the rarest weapons and armour (excluding accessories), and even creating Alchemiracles.

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