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The Skystone is a flying based vehicle in Dragon Quest VII. A small stony airship, its ability of transportation exceeds the average Flying Carpet, being able to fly at a much higher altitude and as such being capable to surpass mountain ranges.


The Hero and his Party found the Skystone in the Divine Shrine above the clouds after using the Sacred stone to restore the entire location to its complete glory in the past. The residents of the Shrine permitted the party to use it as they believed them to have what it takes to defeat the Demon King.

Later on, when all the regions of the world had been restored and The Almighty had been allegedly resurrected, with the world apparently at peace, the Hero, Aishe, King Donald, and Ruff took the Skystone to the Cathedral of Light to meet up with leaders of other Regions and The Almighty, unaware of his true identity. During their return trip back to Estard however, the sudden darkening of the skies caused the vehicle to violently eject the four onto the castle.

With the skies tainted, the vehicle becomes unusable during the second return of the darkness, but it became available again for use after the Fire Spirit, Earth Spirit, Wind Spirit, and Water Spirit were awakened once again. With the enemy stronghold, the Cathedral of Blight, being now so tall its entrance became unreachable, the Skystone became indispensable for the party to drop themselves on the roof of the building and storm it, leading to their final confrontation with the Demon King.

Being small in scale, the Skystone can allegedly only hold four people at the time. As such, should Maribel be asked to rejoin the party, one other Party member between Ruff, Sir Mervyn or Aishe, is forced to stay behind at her house in Pilchard Bay. The party member temporarily forced to rest can be swapped for someone else at any time, but an unfortunate side effect is that, unlike with traditional Wagon, the individual resting will not recive any battle experience or vocation proficency while at Maribel's manor.


  • Despite the story clearly stating that no more than four people can ride in the Skystone, the vehicle operates perfectly fine while the torban player Crispin temporarily accompany the party.