The Slayer of the Sands is a monster that appears in Dragon Quest XI.



Main games

Dragon Quest XI

#61 - Slayer of the Sands
Nature Family
DQXI - Slayer of the Sands 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
712 180 55 60 40
Exp Gold Drop None
1440 1000 G
Note: The citizens of Gallopolis have lived in fear of this giant scorpion for centuries, and its unquenchable appetite for carnage has earned it a truly intimidating nickname: the Slayer of the Sands.
Normal attack
Acts twice
Desperate attack
Gets Pepped Up
Blocks enemy attacks with its claws
Slashes with claws (Hits random party members)
Strange pattern glow (Confuses party members)
Dust Blast
Haunts at:
Gallopolis Region

Other languages

Other languages
French Fléau des sables
German Wüstenwüter
Spanish Asesino de las Arenas
Italian Massacratore delle Sabbie
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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