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Slime Family (スライム, Slime) refers to monsters in the Dragon Quest series that are gooey and jelly-like. The most famous one is the mascot of the series: the Slime. Usually, a monster of this family has the word "slime", or something related to it in its name, some exceptions are Metal medley and Gem jamboree.

Strengths and Weakness[]


The regular slime has no actual strengths, as it has no skills, spells, and has terrible attack, defense, and agility. This is one reason it is usually one of the first monsters fought in any game. However, when encountered later in some games, they have significantly higher stats and may merge into Slime Stacks and King Slimes. Metal slimes have high defense, evasiveness and speed and mostly take 1, 2 or no damage from normal attacks. They also have a high tendency to flee.


The metal slime sub-family of slimes are weak to Metal Slash (a sword skill) and Metalicker (a boomerang skill), or a blow from a Metal slime sword (or stronger but related weapons such as Liquid metal sword or Metal king sword). Other slimes take 110% regular damage from Metalicker, and the boomerang move Ooze Bruiser deals even heavier damage. In DQ Monsters,  the Metal Beater trait adds x2 damage to metal enemies, and the move Slime Dunk also does high damage to any slime.

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