The Slimopolis is an arena in Dragon Quest VI. Here you can enter in slimes that have joined your party for an entry fee. If you beat all three rounds you will be rewarded with an item.


Kingsly fighting before



To fight, go and talk to the man at the counter to the right of the arena. When you pay the entry fee the slime you chose will go to the arena and the player will watch. When the fight begins, the player will have no control over the slime. If you win all three battles, you will receive a prize.

Slime Arena

Hammer house

Hammer's house

On the bottom floor, there is a door which can only be accessed by a slime. When you go through there, you can find all the slimes. Also you can find the head slimes house, Hammer. In there you can find 2 mini medals and the caretaker, who built it and accidentally built himself into there, and cannot get out. If you go down the stairs, you can see where slimes fight.

Arena Prizes

Rank Entry fee Prize
H200Hermes' hat
G300Edged boomerang
F500Poison needle
E700Slime armour
D1,000Icicle dirk
C2,000Falcon knife earrings
B3,000Metal king shield
A5,000Dragonic diligence
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