Sniflheim is a city in Dragon Quest XI. Located in north-west Erdrea, it is one of the world's five crown cities. It is notable for its brutally cold climate, though its citizens are genuinely warm-hearted.

Based loosely on the modern Reykjavík, Iceland, residents of Sniflheim inject Icelandic phrases into their dialogue.


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Material Gathering & Treasure

Collection Spot
Item Location
Permasnow To the left of the western entrance

Single Treasure Spots
Item Location
Permasnow Pot behind northeastern building
Magic beast hide Barrel at the east end of the dock platform
Cowpat Barrel behind wooden stall in fenced area
Magic beast hide Pot beside fruit vendor's stall
Seed of deftness Barrel beside west wall of church
3000 G Chest inside Armor and Weapon shop
Lambswool Barrel in northeastern house
Garter Wardrobe inside house north of platforms
24 G Pot inside Tavern beside Inn
Mini medal Chest north of in behind bakery stall
Royal ruby Chest on platform in east


After defeating Krystalinda

  • A Cold Crush (Upstairs in Tavern)
  • The Viking Hoard (Second Floor of Item Shop)


A spoiler draws near! Click 'show' to display, otherwise run away!
  • The first of Sniflheim's two major plot arcs is analogous to the events of Mt. Snowhere from Dragon Quest VI. The latter village also was encased in ice by a snow maiden before the heroes arrived to find out why.
  • Also in Act I, there is an allusion to the events of Coburg in Dragon Quest V, wherein a monster impersonates its queen dowager before being revealed.
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Being a northern city where one may catch a common cold, a play on "sniffle" with the Germanic suffix ‑heim added, meaning "home". Thus, Sniflheim can be read as "home of the sniffles".

Other languages

Other languages
French Unknown
German Firnland
Spanish Unknown
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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