Snooze is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. It sends afflicted monsters into a magical slumber, and prior to IX it had an accuracy of 100% before enemy resistances were applied.


Dragon Quest

Making its debut alongside the series, it is learned by the Hero at level 7, being useful for putting enemies to sleep to enable safe fleeing without resistance. It can also be cast outside of battle but with no effect and will still use MP. It is also used by Legerdemen, Spitegeists, Hocus chimaeras, Knight aberrants, and Dread dragons, as well as Drohl diabolists and the Dragonlord in the remakes. It costs 2 MP to use.

In the SNES and Game Boy Color remakes, the Faerie flute can be used as an alternative to the spell, in contrast to the NES Version which it only affected Golem.

Dragon Quest II

Snooze is learned by The Princess of Moonbrooke at level 2, and can target a single group of enemies from this game onwards. It once again costs 2 MP to use, and is also used by Somnol ants, Madusas, Shamen, Goregons, Miasmas, Grimlins, Tyrannodactyls, Pazuzu, and Hargon in battle.

Dragon Quest III

Snooze is learned by the Hero at level 16 (As well as the use of a glitch in the NES Version.), and both Priests and Sages at level 9. It costs 3 MP to use, and is also used by Spiked hares, Overtoads, Leger-de-men, Shell slimes, Mimics, and King crabs in battle.

The Faerie flute can once again be used as an alternative to the spell.

Dragon Quest IV

Snooze is only learned by Meena at level 5 in the NES Version, whereas in the PlayStation and Nintendo DS version sees her learning it at level 6. Borya also learns it at level 5, but only in both remakes. It once costs 3 MP to cast, and is also used by Bedbugs, Vampire battlers, Fat bats, and Mangler fishes in battle.

The spell is also used by Laurel and Tom Foolery, while targeting a single group of enemies once again.

Dragon Quest V

Name Level
Bad apple3
Old man of the sea12

Snooze is learned by recruited Ghosts at level 6, Bad apples at level 3, Blizzybodies at level 8, recruited Chimaeras, Drackies, and Grudgerigars at level 10, Bianca and recruited Old men of the sea at level 12, Nera at level 14, and Madchen at level 20. It once again costs 3 MP to is also used by Bad apples, Drackymas, Bag o' laughs, Quack ups, Gargoyles, and Merry Men in battle.

Dragon Quest VI

Snooze is already known by Ashlynn and Goober upon joining the party, and is learned by Milly at level 11. Other characters can learn at the first rank of the Mage vocation. It once again costs 3 MP to use, and is also used by Budding sorcerers, Thaumatobats, Slumbering rams, and Hocus dreamaeras, as well as Shell slimes once again.

Dragon Quest VII

Snooze is learned by Maribel at level 7 and by advancing to Rank 2 of the Mage vocation. It is also used by Vile vials, Urnexpecteds, Frighturns, Hans, Rogue, Sunken spirits, the Well wisher in Gröndal Well Cave, Babygoyles during Nottagen, and Orgodemir's final forme during the true final battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Snooze is learned by Jessica at level 13 and can once again be cast for 3 MP. It is also used by Puppet players, and the Trap box, as well as Drackymas and Fat bats once again. In addition, Red already knows this spell when joins the party in the 3DS remake.

Dragon Quest IX

Snooze is learned by Armamentalists at level 8 and priests at level 6, once again costing 3 MP to cast with a 50% base accuracy. The chance of success will begin to rise once the caster's magical might surpasses 50 points, capping at 100% when the value reaches 999. It is also used by Ragged reapers and Charmours, as well as Drackymas, Shamen, and King crabs once again.

Dragon Quest X

Snooze is learned by at Mages at level 10 and Item Masters at level 16. It once again costs 3 MP to use, and is also used by Hawk men, Bloody blades, Dream monks, Hell conductors, Slimecicles as well as Drackymas, Hocus chimaeras, Knight aberrants, Gargoyles, Spiked hares, King crabs, and Pazuzu once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Snooze is learned by the Luminary at level 16, and is already learned by his grandfather when he joins the party. It once again costs 3 MP to use, and is also used by Drohl drones, Stump grumps, as well as Knight aberrants, Spiked hares, King crabs, and Slimecicles once again. It is also used alongside Sylvando's Persecutter for the Snooze 'n' Bruise Pep Power.

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