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Solar fan (Solar fans in the Heroes series) is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VI[]

The solar fan may be equipped by Milly and the assorted slime buddies, increase their attack and style by +110 and +49 respectively. The fan is available for purchase in Despairia for 22,000, and it's style can be bolstered to +67 after being reworked at the Fashion Forge for 16,000. The fan gains a high style bonus when paired with the Dancer's costume, yielding a total of +132 when both items are touched up at the forge.

Dragon Quest VII[]

The solar fan features the same attributes as in the previous game, and can be wielded by the game's two heroines: Maribel and Aishe. In the original PSX version the game the fan can be bought in the "Grand Cathedral" version of the Immigrant town for 22,000 gold. In the 3DS remake, all versions of the town building sidequest were condensed into a single locale and the fan became a reward for the lucky panel mini-game. Additionally, it is also a reward for completing various tablet dungeons.

Dragon Quest VIII Remake[]

The solar fan is the best weapon of Red. It is available only through alchemy, and is created by combining a Lunar fan with a Magma staff and a Flame shield. When equipped, it raises the pirate's attack by +82, loses the group-targeting feature, but now has a 1/8th chance to Paralyze a foe when slashed.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Attack 112
Rarity ★★★☆☆
Equipped by Martial Artist IconMinstrel IconDQ9LuminaryIcon
Sell Price 14,250 G
Flavor Text A sainted, painted fan inscribed with a sumptuous sunny scene.
Recipe Lunar fan + Sunstone + Crimson coral x3

Dragon Quest X[]

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Dragon Quest Heroes[]

The fan will raise Maya's attach by +72 and her defence by +20, and costs 17,800 gold.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

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Other languages[]

Other languages
French Éventail solaire
German Sonnenfächer
Spanish Abanico solar
Italian Ventaglio del sole
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown