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The Spangled dress is a recurring equipment in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IV[]

The spangled dress has a defence bonus of +40. It can only be worn by Alena, Maya, and Meena.

Dragon Quest VII[]

The Spangled dress has a Defence bonus of +50 and a Style bonus of +52. It can only be worn by Maribel and Aishe. In the original Sony PlayStation version, spangled dresses can be purchased at the Grand Slum version of the The Haven for 11,500 gold and sold for 5,750 gold. A spangled dress can be received as a prize for winning the Best Dressed Award of the Excellence Grading Organisation in El Ciclo in the present. They can also be won as prizes from the Lucky Panel at the Casino starting from Pilgrim's Rest in the present. If the dress is equipped with the Solar fan, it provides an extra +45 bonus to Style when being ranked for the Style category.

  • In the Nintendo 3DS version, the dress can also be dropped by Gold mannequins.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

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Dragon Quest IX[]

Spangled dress - Dragon Quest IX
Stat boosts Defense +18
Flavour text A graceful gown for the more mature lady
Info Style +35
Found Bloomingdale shop, Commonly dropped or stolen from Cannibelle
Buy price 2,500 G
Sell price 1,250 G
Equipped by Female only icon

Dragon Quest XI[]

Defence 46/48/51/54
Charm 39/42/45/48
Rarity C
Equipped by Veronica, Serena, Jade
Location Puerto Valor Casino
Buy Price 25,000 Tokens
Sell Price 1,250 G
Flavor Text A glitzy gown with a grown-up feel that's both chic and shapely

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Robe à paillettes
German Glitzerkleid
Spanish Vestido reluciente
Italian Vestito di paillettes
Vestito di paillette (XI)
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown