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Spears are a recurring type of weapon, appearing in every installment of the Dragon Quest franchise from the second game onwards. This weapon was originally used by Priests, but has since been a staple armament of Paladins and Warriors.

Beginning with the ninth entry in the series, Dragon Quest IX, Spears will always deal and additional 10% damage to members of the Beast family of monsters, regardless of other factors.

Spears are usually wielded with two hands, thusly usually barring the equipment of a Shield in the off hand, and due to both being pole-based melee weapons, they bear many similarities, both in their overall phisical appearance and in their similar manner of use, to the melee Staves used in martial arts.


Dragon Quest II[]

Dragon Quest III[]

Dragon Quest IV[]

Dragon Quest V[]

Dragon Quest VI[]

Dragon Quest VII[]

  • Bamboo spear
  • Iron lance
  • Holy lance
  • Demon spear

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Spears skills are exclusive to the Hero, and focus on multi-striking moves. The Thunder Thrust skill in particular, makes penetrating the defences of the Metal slimes-type enemies much easier. Despite being wielded with two hands, in Dragon Quest VIII this does not prevent the equipment of a Shield.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Spear skills function similarly to how they did in VIII, but now are more specialized to be effective against Beast-class monsters.

  • Bamboo lance
  • Iron lance
    • Steel lance
      • Gigasteel lance
  • Long spear
  • Celestial spear
  • Holy lance
  • Battle fork
    • Trident
  • Gracos's Trident
  • Sandstorm spear
  • Partisan
  • Lightning lance
    • Storm spear
  • Demon spear
  • Hero spear
  • Metal slime spear
    • Liquid metal spear
      • Metal king spear
  • Poker
    • Stud poker
      • Split-pot poker
        • Red-hot poker

Dragon Quest XI[]

Other languages[]

Other languages
German Speere
Italian Lance (plural of "Lancia")
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
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