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'Armamentalist's Album' to Attribeauty
Attributes to Blast Slash
Blast crow to Caped caperer
Caper tiger to Combat top
Combat trousers to Dancer's costume
Dancer's dress to Dogsbody's hood
Dogsbody's vest to Dread herring
Dread herring (Dragon Quest VI) to EvlTurtle (Class)
Evolution to Frightcrawler
Frighturn to Gold grabber
Gold mail to Haunted mirror
Haunted tomato to Hunter's bow
Hunter's hat to Kazapstrophe
Kazave to Light axe
Light buckler to Lord's sword
LordDraco to Medford's Manor
Medical Herb to Mortcury
Mortella to Orochi
Orochi's Lair to Potshot Bow
Potshot bow to Renegade dragon
Rennet powder to Sail serpent
Sailor to Shrine of Mysteries
Shrine of Rhone to Special Medicine
Special antidote to Sweet Troll
Sweet Whisper to Token of fealty
Token taker to Wailer's mail
Wailin' weed to Wu shoes
Wulfspade to √úberkilling machine
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