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'Armamentalist's Album' to Baboon beast
Baby Snowball to Boe
Boh to Character statistics
Chargoyle to DQ018: Level 18
DQ019: Level 19 to Diana gauntlets
Diary of a Hardman to Dread dragooner
Dread herring to Fairy
Fairy Flute to Gallows Moor
Gallows giant to Great troll
Greater Panacea to Hidden Village of Elves
Hide Herb to JewelBag (Class)
Jewel Bag to Legerdeman
Legerdeman (Dragon Quest) to Lorik
Loss leader to Mercurial Thrust
Mercurial thrust to Mutsumi Tamura
Myra to Pepper tree branch
Peregrin Quay to Q & A
Quack up to Ruby of protection
Ruby wristband to Setesh the Punisher
Seto to Sora
Sorcerer to Swinedimples skirt
Swinedimples slacks to Toxic turnip
Toxic zombie to WeedBug
Weed Bug to Über falcon blade
Über gringham whip to Übergine
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