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'Armamentalist's Album' to Azria
Azure dragon fan to Bodkin Bowyer
Bodkin Fletcher to Chain Sickle
Chain djinn to Cyberslime
Cyclops to Desert Chapel
Desert galba to Dragovian Claws
Dragovian King Sword to Evil skelegon
Evil slime to Fuddlestick
Full Plate to Gortress
Goruba to Hellchaser
Helldorado to Iron gauntlets
Iron hammer to La Bravoure
La Torre de la Hora to List of sidequests in Dragon Quest IX
List of skills for Hero (DQVIII) to Martina
Martina (Dragon Quest XI) to Moon Seal
Moon Shard to Orifiela
Original Owner to Premium mould
Premium pot lid to Riptide
Risa Taneda to Scarewolf
Scarfish to Slabbit
Slappi to Steel strongbox
Steely sweatband to The Nameless King of Darkness
The Old School to Velvet cape
Venom Mist to Woosh
Words of Wisdom to √úbergine
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