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'Armamentalist's Album' to Averill
Awebergine to Blowy bow
Bludgerigar to Cave to Rhone
Cave to Yet Another World to Crocodog
Crone to Deathbringer's Citadel
Deathbringer's Shade to Dragon Quest Swords Chapter 5
Dragon Quest Swords Chapter 6 to Enix
Enormoose to Flaxen thread
Fleurette to Gloom slugger
Gloomnivore to Handsome crab
Handwoven cape to Hotwyrm
House of Garin to Keris wax
Kernel colonel to Liquid metal shield
Liquid metal slime to MadPlant
Mad Plant to Metal king slime boots
Metal king slime gloves to Necromacer
Necromancer to Phoenix scepter
Pickayune to Queen Curtana
Queen Diore to Rubiss
Rubiss Charm to Serial quiller (Vocation)
Serpent's Bite to Snowberia
Snowberian Coast to Sunstone
SuperTen to Tip-top topper
Titan's hammer to Walking Corpse in Memoriam
Walking corpse to Yangus' titfer
Yawnoceros to 海龍
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