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The Spell of Restoration (復活の呪文, ふっかつのじゅもん, fukkatsu no jumon) is the name of the password system used in the Famicom and MSX versions of Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II. Similar to other games of the time, the player's accomplishments were converted into a password, which was then written down and entered later to resume the game from the point at which the player left off. With the advent of battery backup (first seen in the series in Dragon Quest III), password systems became obsolete, and the Spell of Restoration was never used again. It differs from the passwords of other games in that it is recognized by some characters as a convention of the game world and not simply a means of resuming gameplay.

Dragon Quest[]

The Spell of Restoration in Dragon Quest consists of 20 characters arranged in a rough 5/7/5/3 haiku pattern.

Enix slyly incorporated the spell into the narrative of the first game. Accepting the Dragonlord's offer at the end of the game results not only in the instant Game Over that English-speaking fans are familiar with, but also elicits a special Spell of Restoration from the villain; one which, when entered, starts the player off at level 1 with no equipment, a clever means for the Dragonlord to toy with the player even after the traditional Game Over.

Dragon Quest II[]

Due its broader scope (three-member party, multiple flagged plot events, and a wider array of equipment), Dragon Quest II employed a larger 52-character Spell of Restoration: Four lines of 3-3-4, followed by a final line of 3-3-4-2.