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Square Enix is the company that owns the Dragon Quest series along with the Final Fantasy series of role-playing games.

It has also partnered up with a company called Tri-Ace to make the Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile and Radiata Stories series. Square Enix was originally two companies, Square Co. (Squaresoft in the US and Europe) and Enix, until they merged in 2003.

Enix Corporation[]

Prior to merging with Square Co./Squaresoft, Enix was a software company that was responsible for the Dragon Quest series. Enix began in 1975 as a publisher of real-estate circulars, but when that venture ultimately collapsed, the founders changed course into software publishing.

Aside from Dragon Quest (which in North America was known as Dragon Warrior due to a trademark conflict with tabletop RPG titan TSR Inc.), Enix was known as the publisher of several RPGs that would become cult classics: ActRaiser, the Soul Blazer trilogy, and the first titles of the Star Ocean saga.

While Enix was modestly successful during the so-called "Golden Age of RPGs" that defined the mid-1990s, its success was achieved largely outside North America; following the abysmal performance of several North American releases, Enix closed its US division in 1995. A localisation subsidiary would emerge under new management in 1999.

What remained of Enix absorbed Square when each company faltered from its own failed projects, Enix having mistimed Dragon Quest VII and Square breaking on the failure of its first Final Fantasy CG film.

Game series by Square Enix[]

Manga and anime series by Square Enix[]

  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Black Butler
  • Dragon Quest Biography: Emblem of Roto
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Soul Eater
  • Magical Circle Guru Guru
  • Kakegurui
  • Akame ga Kill!
  • Hero Tales
  • Blast of Tempest
  • Dimension W
  • Toilet-bound Hanako-kun