The staff of divine wrath is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IV

The staff of divine wrath has an attack bonus of +35 and casts Swoosh in battle. It can only be wielded by Kiryl and Meena. In the NES Version, it takes 1 mini medal to get one and you can get more depending on your medal supply. In the Nintendo DS Version, you can only get one and it takes 30 mini medals to acquire.

Dragon Quest V

The staff of divine wrath has an attack bonus of +35 and casts Woosh in battle. It can be found in Gotha Pass and as a prize on lucky squares on Treasures n' Trapdoors boards. It can be equipped by BiancaNera, the Hero's Daughter, and the following recruitable monsters: the ChimaeraConkererConkuisitorDrackyEpipanyFandangowFat ratFunghoulGhostGrudgerigarHulaganOld man of the seaPocus poppetPrestidigitatorSnowbirdTicking timeburrm, and Wiz pip.

Dragon Quest VI

The staff of divine wrath increases attack by +35, style by +20, and deals 15~36 wind damage to a group of enemies. It can be equipped by Milly and Nevan, and is the reward for turning in 15 mini medals.

Dragon Quest VII

The staff of divine wrath has an attack bonus of +35, a style bonus of +20, and returns to casting Swoosh when used as an item in battle. It can be equipped by Maribel and Sir Mervyn. It is received as a prize from the Medal King for turning in 50 mini medals. It can also be obtained as a prize from the Lucky Panel at the Casino.

Dragon Quest VIII

The staff of divine wrath has an attack bonus of +35. It can be equipped by Jessica and Angelo. It is obtained by turning in 45 mini medals to Princess Minnie.

Dragon Quest IX

They are described as "A stick that whips foes with wild winds if used as an item in battle." They have an attack bonus of 20, a one star rarity, and a 2.5 percent MP absorption rate. They can be sold for 1,900 gold. Its recipe is Staff of sentencing x 1, Flurry feather x 3 and Sage's elixir x 1.

Dragon Quest XI

The staff of divine wrath is one of the rewards for completing the first trial of the Wheel of Harma at Angri-La within 16 turns. It can be equipped by Veronica and Rab.

Dragon Quest Monsters

The staff of divine wrath can be used as a tool in battle to inflict wind damage on enemies. Unlike other games in the series, it has a limited number of uses in battle before it breaks.


Other languages

Other languages
French Bâton du courroux
German Gotteszornstab (IV)
Stab des gotteszorns
Spanish Báculo de ira divina
Italian Dies irae
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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