Starfall is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VIII

Making its debut, it's an enemy only skill that Solaris, Rhapthorne, and Darksteel Dragon use against enemies in battle. It deals 80-96 points of damage to all enemies, as well as being used by Ultrus.

Dragon Quest IX

Now more stronger than in its debut, it is used by Tyrannosaura Wrecks, as well as Rhapthorne when leveled up to Level 28. It can deal 180-219 damage for the former, as well as 200 damage to more than 550 for the latter,

Dragon Quest X

Acting the same as in its past appearances, it is used by Vermil lion, the Ark Chimera, and Coral dimos in battle against enemies, while Solaris uses it once again. It causes 180-210 earth attribute damage to all enemies near it.

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