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Fyggbloom hails the opening of the Heavenly Gates, and sets the Celestrians on the path to salvation.
And lo, it shall be in the celestial carriage that we, the chosen custodians, journey unto the Realm of the Almighty.
Legend among the Celestrians

The Starflight Express (Japanese Kanji: 天の箱舟 Hiragana: てんのはこぶね Romanji: Ten no Hakobune Heavenly Ark) is the celestial train in Dragon Quest IX, which ferries Celestrians from the Observatory to the Realm of the Almighty when Yggdrasil blossoms after being supplied with a sufficiency of Benevolessence, but that can also be used to fly across the Protectorate.


The pilot is a man named Sterling (who was initially found in a Gittish prison, the Gortress) and the copilot is a perky child-like faerie, Stella. During the events of Dragon Quest IX, the train crashes and the hero finds it on the way to the pass with Ivor. It must be rejuvenated by there being a Celestrian on board in order to fly again.

Unlike previous flight-capable vehicles, the Starflight Express can only initially travel to specific points within the Protectorate. Such points are marked by trees of blue light, positioned at critical locations in the story. Only after re-obtaining the ability to see the supernatural by comuming another Fygg after completing Quest 39, Sterling gives them complete ownership of the train, and the Hero becomes able to steer the train freely.


  • When the Starflight is first seen, it has seven carriages, but when it becomes operational again, it only has three.
  • The Starflight Express is a play on the "Starlight Express," a musical about trains by Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Orion Express
German Sternenexpress
Spanish Expreso Celestial
Italian Espresso Celeste
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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