Stomp (Boulder Bash in the Dragon Quest Monsters series) is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IV Remakes

An enemy only skill used by Drakulards in the bonus dungeon.

Dragon Quest VI

Making its debut, Stomp is learned by advancing to rank 4 of the Ranger vocation and damages all enemies with a tremor, hitting for 50~65 woosh-type damage for 0 MP. It has a 1/3rd chance to fail regardless of terrain, and will always fail at sea. It is also learned by recruited Boss trolls, and is used by Living statues, Stone guardians, the Scrimsley terror, Blackmar, and Cabot in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

As there is no Ranger vocation in VII, Stomp can only be learned by reaching rank 6 of the Golem vocation and rank 1 of the Paladin vocation in the 3DS remake. It is also used by Weighverns, Wide-load weighverns, Warlord weighverns, Drakulards, Drakulords, Lumberdraks, Whaleverns, and Togrus Maximus in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

After taking a backseat from the previous game, the skill can deal anywhere from 15~19 damage to 90~108 damage and its element has switched from wind to earth from this game onwards. It is used by Drastic drackals, Garth Goyle, Gadrongo, Rover, and Nodoph, as well as Stone guardians and Drakulords once again.

Dragon Quest X

Entirely dedicated to monsters in this game, it causes a strong vibration and causes a lot of earth damage to surrounding enemies. It can avoided by moving out of range or jumping at just the right moment. The skill itself is used by Gnucifers, Gnumesises, Drakularges, Drakulurchs, King of Calamity, Cast iron statue, Shingo Junoga, Ancient Demon, as well as Drakulords, Stone guardians, and Togrus Maximus once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Acting the same as in previous games, it is used by Mosstodons and Snowgres in battle against their enemies, the latter of which does not fail at sea unlike VI and VII.

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