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Sulkk is a boss in Dragon Quest VII and a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series.



Sulkk is a long, snake-like dragon with two wings on his neck. He is gray with a purple underbelly. The spikes on his back are orange.

Along with Moostapha, Sulkk's appearance was quite drastically altered in the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII, possibly to set him apart from Blazing Wingwyrms. He is now black with a dark blue underbelly that seems to glow faintly. His eyes and teeth are now red and the spikes on his back are now purple.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest VII[]

Sulkk is the cause of the darkness over Nottagen. He had his monster underlings build him a tower called the Pillar of Sulkk to the west of Nottagen. The monsters apparently were able to do so in just three days and three nights if the Forky Pig masquerading as an old man is to be believed. The tower is locked and must be unlocked using the Sulkk Key obtained after defeating Moostapha.

After Moostapha is defeated, Sulkk goes on a rampage. Moostapha's underlings comment that this is because Moostapha was keeping him under control. Sulkk then attacks the party.

His defeat rids Nottagen of its darkness... but this darkness was what had halted the assault of the Malign Vine, due to its need for photosynthesis.

#304 - Sulkk
Dragon Family
Behemoth HP MP Attack Defence Agility
1350 0 195 80 105
Exp Gold Drop None
1330 950 G
Normal attack
Wind Sickles
Chilly Breath
Haunts at:
Pillar of Sulkk (Past)

Sulkk hits with breath attacks, so spells and skills like Magic Barrier and Woolly Blanket, as well as armor that protects against elemental damage, ice in particular as it hits harder, is a must. The Warrior's Dragon Slash is invaluable against Sulkk and if party members are hurting, use the Bless Staff to heal their wounds as it acts like Midheal in battle.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Hemogon
German Schmollzahn
Spanish Törmento
Italian Sulkk
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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