Sultry Dance is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series. It can cause enemies to dance, making them vulnerable and losing their turns.


Dragon Quest V

Making its debut, this dance can be learned by recruited Magic marionettes, Drag-goofs and Walking corpses. It is also used by Hulagans in battle, along with Hula ghouls, with the Hulagans themselves having it when they are recruited from the remakes onwards.

Dragon Quest VI

Sultry Dance is learned by advancing to rank 1 of the Dancer vocation, and can also be learned by Mud mannequins in the SNES version. In addition, it is used by Scare roots, Sluggers, Sluggernauts, Hellstalkers, Sluggerslaughts, Perky pelicans, and Bronson.

Dragon Quest VII

Sultry Dance is once again learned by advancing to rank 2 of the Dancer vocation (PS1 version) or rank 1 (3DS version). Woebergines, Awebergines, Fandangows, and Goodybags can also use it against enemies in battle, along with Übergines, and Bags o' Sweets.

Dragon Quest VIII

Sultry Dance is an enemy only skill from this game onwards, being used by Dancing devils, Squid kids, Hipsters, Tap devils, Caped caperers, and Sirens, as well as Goodybags once again.

Dragon Quest IX

Once again an enemy-only skill, it is used by Sluggers, Goodybags, Boppin' badgers, Sluggernauts, Goodybags, and Sluggerslaughts. It is also available to players as a party gesture.

Dragon Quest X

While it is an enemy-only skill, players can use it while they are transformed into Squid kids, costing 4 MP to use. It is used by Dandelion fluffs, Blue minxes, Snaily tails, Abyssal octopots, Octo Dermons, Blueberries, Platypunks, Splatypunks, Bags o' sweets, Large woebergines, Racoon platypunks, Samba beakons, as well as Goodybags, Dancing devils, Tap devils, Squid kids, Sluggers, and Sluggernauts once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Once again an enemy-only skill, it is used by Haystack needlers, and Grey gordon gone Malicious, as well Dancing devils, Splatypunks, Squid kids, Abyssal octopots, Goodybags, and Bags o' sweets once again, as well as Fandangows gone Vicious.

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