The Sunstone (formerly Stones of Sunlight) is an essential item in Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III. In both games, they are hidden inside Tantegel Castle and must be found in order to finish the story.


Dragon Quest

The stone is hidden down an out-of-the-way staircase in the southeastern section of the castle. A Magic key is required to access the staircase. The player must speak to the sage to receive it.

The stones are given to the man at Sanctuary, along with the Staff of Rain, in order to receive the Rainbow Drop.

Dragon Quest III

The Sunstone is in a hidden chamber on the first floor of the castle. When the final boss is defeated, the stone can be handed down to the sage that has it in Dragon Quest, fulfilling the prophetic dream that he had.

Dragon Quest VII

Appearing as a bonus reward independent of the plot, the Sunstone cast Kafrizzle for free when used in battle. This is exclusive to the 3DS remake.

Dragon Quest IX

In game description: A radiant rock that sizzles with solar heat It is one of the rarest items in Dragon Quest IX, but can be simply made with 2 lucida shards, 3 mirrorstones, and 1 Hephaestus' flame. Can be sold for 363 gold.

Entries and Monetary Values

Entries and Monetary Values
DQIX logo IX A radiant rock that sizzles with solar heat. Alchemise it!
Buy - Sell 353G
DQX logo X No appearance
Buy No appearance Sell No appearance


Strength None
Resilience None
Deftness None
Wisdom None
Style Unknown
Agility None
Max. HP None
Max. MP None


Alchemy Ingredients
Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Result
2 x Lucida shard + 3 x Mirrorstone + Hephaestus' flame = Sunstone


Quest #021 - "Spud-She-Like"
Location Stornway - West house
Available at After Alchemy is enabled
Requested by Alison
Response to Alison
Requirement Sunstone
Reward Saint's Ashes
Detail Alison from Stornway wants you to make her a Sunstone. She says you can make one using Mirrorstones, Lucida shards and Hephaestus' flames, but she doesn't know how many you'll need of each ingredient.
Hint for solution To make a Sunstone by combining x3 Mirrorstones, x2 Lucida shard and a Hephaestus' flame.


DQIX logo IX Unknown
DQX logo X No appearance


  • The Sunstone appears in the Captain N: The Game Master episode "Trojan Dragon". Though rather than being a relic used to create the Rainbow Drop, it is established as the energy source of the N Teams' Palace of Power, which is stolen by a minion of the Dragonlord to accelerate the growth of the legendary Golden Dragon.

Other languages

Other languages
French Solarite
German Sonnenstein
Spanish Solerroca
Italian Pietra del sole
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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