The Super Secret Faerie Village (formerly Elvenham and Hidden Village of Elves) is a village in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is located west of Norvik and is represented by a shrub tile on the world map.

Dream Ruby Subquest

The Super Secret Faerie Village is a stopping point for the Dreamstone subquest. By returning to the village with the Dreamstone and showing it to the queen, the heroes can receive the Wakey dust which is needed to break the spell on the people of Norvik.

Item Sho

The village is home to an item shop which will only sell items to elves. As a result, it cannot be used unless the heroes possess a Mod rod which can be used to change their appearance. In the original game, only 1 is available and must be used to receive the Boatman's bone. In the remakes, more can be found randomly by playing Treasures n' Trapdoors.

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