Sweet Breath is a recurring breath attack in the Dragon Quest series.


One whiff of this intoxicatingly sweet aroma may put its victims to sleep, rendering them defenceless and unable to act.


Dragon Quest II

Debuting as one of the first status inflicting breaths of the series, it is used by Chewlips, Silvapithecuses, Merluscs, Walking corpses, Heyedras, Eyelashers, Batmandrills (In the NES version only), and Hargon himself to put the Scions of Erdrick to sleep.

Dragon Quest III

Acting the same from II onwards, it is used by Funghouls, Morphean mushrooms, Canniboxes, Firn fiends, Wyrtles, and Umbras to make Erdrick and his companions fall asleep.

Dragon Quest IV

Acting the same as in previous games, it is used by Hellspawns, Night emperors, Damselflies, Mandragores, Voodoo gooroos, Dragooners, and Psaro in battle, with Canniboxes once again using the skill in battle. It can also be used by Sparkie to help the Chosen.

Dragon Quest V

Sweet Breath is learned by recruited Small fries at level 5, Drag-goofs at level 6, Powie yowies at level 8, Cross eyes at level 10, and Minidemons at level 13 with recruited Hulagans learning it at 10 and Funghouls having it when they are recruited in the remakes, and is also used by Funky ferrets, Soulspawns, and Morphean molluscs, as well as Funghouls once again in battle against the enemies of the Order of Zugzwang. It is also learned by recruited Jailcats at level 7 from the DS remake onwards.

Dragon Quest VI

Sweet Breath is learned by advancing to rank 2 of the Monster Master vocation, and is also used in battle by Mad mollusks, Loathsome leeks, Brimstone bulbs, Kissers, and Wet kissers against enemies. Lipses can learn this ability at level 10 when they are recruited, though only in the SNES version.

Dragon Quest VII

Sweet Breath is learned by advancing to rank 3 of the Monster Master vocation (Rank 2 of the Monster Master vocation once again in the 3DS remake), rank 2 of the Mimic class, rank 5 of the Kingfuchsia class, and rank 6 of the Lips class, with the Quayhorses, Smackers, Mimics, Hexicons, Pandora's boxes, and the Malign vine, using it in battle, as well as Kissers, Wet Kissers, and Canniboxes once again.

Dragon Quest VIII

Only used by monsters from this game onwards, it is used by Funghouls, Morphean mushrooms, Kissers, Canniboxes, Night Emperors, Mimics, Soulspawns, Hellspawns, and Pandora's Boxes once again, as well as the Emerald Dragon and the Coffers of death.

Dragon Quest IX

Once again an enemy only skill, it is used by Gramarye gruffons, Gloomy gastropogs, and the Ragin' Contagion, as well as Funghouls, Morphean mushrooms, Canniboxes, Battering rams, and Firn fiends once again, with Psaro once again using this ability from level 10 onwards.

Dragon Quest X

Acting the same as in previous games, it is used by Raptiles, Thunder frogs, Mad smiths, Remotes, Smogbonnets, Li'l whizzers, Hiptiles, Canaryanos, and Ghouls, as well as Loathsome leeks, Brimstone bulbs, Canniboxes, Mimics, Pandora's Boxes, Funghouls, and Batmandrills once again. (The last of which marks the first time since the monster's debut in the NES version of II)

Dragon Quest XI

Acting the same once again, it is used by Tentaculars, Professauruses, Mordragon's tail, and the Dazey in battle, as well as Funghouls, Morphean mushrooms, Canniboxes, Chewlips, Kissers, Smogbonnets, Umbras, and Silvapithecuses once again, with Ghouls using it once again when they have gone Vicious.

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