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Swoosh is a recurring wind spell in the Dragon Quest series. It attacks an enemy group with a ferocious tornado for 25~55 damage, and costs 4 MP to cast. It is stronger than Woosh, but weaker than Kaswoosh and Kaswooshle.


Dragon Quest III

Priests and Sages learn this spell at level 26.

Dragon Quest IV

Swoosh is learned by Meena at level 23.

Dragon Quest V

Name Level
Moosifer --
Old man of the sea --
Mandrake marshal 7
Hawk man 8
Rotten apple 15
Hero 16
Conkuistador 20
Magic marionette 25

Dragon Quest VI

Swoosh is learned by Nevan at level 15. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 6 of the Priest vocation.

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Swoosh is learned by Angelo at level 18. It hits one group of enemies for 20~44 base damage, and will begin to reach its cap of 52~76 once Angelo's wisdom surpasses 180.

Dragon Quest IX

Learned by minstrels at level 16 and luminaries at level 36. Slices a group of enemies with a powerful whirlwind that costs 8 MP to conjure. The spell will deal 25~55 base damage, and will start to reach it's cap of 123~153 once the caster's magical might surpasses 100.

Dragon Quest X

Minstrels and Luminaries learn Swoosh at level 36 and 34, respectively, and need 8 MP to cast it. Damage calculation is Magical Might x 0.3 + 18.5, leading to a base range of 26~46 and a maximum range of 62~82. The spell will encircle the caster when used, hitting close enemies multiple times.

Dragon Quest XI

Serena will learn Swoosh at level 28 and Sylvando at level 29. The spell costs 10 MP to cast and will deal 48~112 base damage, and 92~156 once either character's magical might reaches 158.


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Other languages
French Supertornade
German Saus
Spanish Tornado
Italian Bufera
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
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Portuguese Unknown
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