Sword Dance is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VII

In the PSX version of VII, Sword Dance could only be learned as a hybrid skill by reaching rank 5 in the Warrior or Dancer vocations immediately after completing the other. Because Aishe has mastered the Dancer vocation prior to joining, she is capable of learning it faster than other characters after under-going a 30 battle "rehabilitation" period to fulfill the skill's requirement check. Macho Picchu and Major headaches can use this skill against the party.

In the 3DS version, Sword Dance is learned by reaching rank 8 of the Pirate vocation and rank 3 of the Hero vocation.

Dragon Quest X

Players in the Dancer vocation can learn it with 130 skill points invested in the Dancing skill tree. Although it has been strengthened to the usual 1.2 times attack × 4, charge time is specified and it cannot be used extensively. It costs 4 MP to use and its CT is 45 seconds. Jugular jokers, Diabladas, and Pretty cat flies can use this skill against the party.

Dragon Quest XI

The Hero will learn sword dance for 16 points in his Swordmastery skill tree. It costs 8 MP to use and will target random enemies.

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