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The Sword of Kings is a weapon in the Dragon Quest series.


While originally the Sword of Kings was just a different name under which Erdrick's sword was known in the past before being recognized as such, making it completely identical in appearance to the latter, later titles established that the Sword of Kings is actually a previous incarnation of the hero's blade, making them two separate, different weapons.

As such, the design of the Sword of Kings in later titles has been slighty altered, creating some visual differences between the two weapons. While the decorations on the weapon can vary from title to title, the blade itself remains, for the most part, the same shape as Erdrick's sword, only wider and larger towards the hilt. The Sword of Kings has its hilt less bulky and less rounded than Erdrick's sword, making it lose resemblance to Erdrick's sigil.


Dragon Quest III[]

The original Sword of Kings was kept safe inside Tantegel Castle, but long ago Zoma stole it alongside the Auroral armour and the Hero's shield. He then spent three whole years toiling against the blade, until he succeeded in shattering it by feasting upon the people of Alfegard's suffering.

A new Sword of Kings can be obtained in Kol by selling a lump of Orichalcum, which is found hidden in a stable in Damdara, to a blacksmith of incredible skill that had fled his hometown of Jipang to the Underworld alongiside his wife, to save her from becoming a sacrifice for Orochi. After the defeat of Zoma, this blade becomes known as Erdrick's sword. It is the third strongest sword, with an attack bonus of +120 attack to the Hero, behind the Flail of destruction and the Game Boy Color Version exclusive Rubiss's sword. The Sword of Kings can cast Kaswoosh when used as an item.

Dragon Quest XI[]

The Sword of Kings is available during act III, after the Luminary has decided to travel back in time. In Hotto, there is a blacksmith who wishes to forge the sword, and he needs Orichalcum to do so. Once given the material, the blacksmith starts forging the sword and asks the hero to return later (one in-game day) for it. One copy of the Sword of Kings will then become available in the nearby item shop of his wife for purchase at the cost of 35,000 gold, but the blacksmith's request can be repeated as many times as one sees fit. The Sword of Kings has an attack bonus of +120 and a charm bonus of +32. It can cast Kaswoosh when used as an item in battle and unlike the vast majority of the equipment, the Sword of Kings cannot be further upgraded on the Fun-Size Forge.

The Sword of Kings is one of the ingredients needed to craft the Supreme Sword of Light.

After defeating Calasmos, the Dark One, the Luminary, accompanied by Veronica and Serena, decides to return Erdwin's Sword of Light back to Yggdrasil's Heart. After a conversation with Yggdrasil's true self, Yggdragon, she bestow upon the Luminary the title of Erdrick. Furthermore, thanks to a series of flashforwards, it is shown that it exists in a much deeper connection between the world of Erdrea and the world from which the Hero from Dragon Quest III come from, explaining why the Sword of Kings makes an appearance and why the Sword of Light looks identical to Erdrick's sword.

Dragon Quest Swords[]

This weapon is made by tempering the Aurora Blade and Wrath of Zeus with 2 Gold Bars and 1 Orichalcum. This sword also teaches the hero the Gigaslash Master Stroke.



Location Info
Castle Avalonia Tempered at armor shop (15000g)

Equipping characters[]



Dragon Quest Builders[]

The Sword of kings is available during Tantegel's chapter of the story. In this alternate reality of the events of Dragon Quest, as part of their task to rebuild Alefgard to a state similar to one prior of the Dragonlord's takeover, the Legendary Builder was tasked to recreate Erdrick's sword, once again known as the Sword of Kings, alongside his armor and his shield, also once again known as their previous incarnations, the Auroral armor and the Hero's shield. The Sword of Kings, created with three lumps of Orichalcum, two steel ingots, one gold ingot, one silver ingot, and a drop of magic dye, not only has a +50 attack, tieing with the cursed Sword of Ruin in terms of attack power, but also does not degrade with use unlike all other weapons and also increases the damage of the Spinning Slice.

While Rubiss intended for the Builder to only recreate these mighty equipment so that a future hero would take them and slay the Dragonlord, the Builder, unable to leave their friends to continue living under the tyrant's iron fist, decided to defy the goddess' will and use them themselves to face the Dragonlord. Against the goddess' prediction the Builder was successful and peace returned on Alefgard.

While playing in Terra Incognita in the post-game, the Builder can learn the recipe to how to make a true Erdrick's sword, if they are able to clear the challenge n.1 for Tantegel's Chapter,

Dragon Quest Builders 2[]

During their stay in Malhalla, the Builder came across the Sword of Kings, the Auroral armor and the Hero's shield while defending the Ark from the invading forces of shadowy foes alongside their friendly monster companions.

The sword increases the Builder's attack by +86 and powers-up their Spinning Slice; it requires three orichalcum ingots, one zenithium ingot, one gold ingot, and two silver ingots to forge.

After saving the illusory world from fading, the Builder can learn the recipe necessary to create a true Erdrick's sword, by defeating a Dread dragon found in the Explorer Shore Unholy holm.

Dragon Quest Champions[]

Level Skill/Spell Description MP Cost
1 Lightning Slash Deals 145% Zap slash damage to one enemy while potentially paralyzing it. 0
1 Zoma Damage +20% Increases damage dealt to Zoma when wielding this weapon by 20%
1 Mage Damage +20% Increases damage dealt to Mages when wielding this weapon by 20%
5 Zap Slash Damage +12% Increases Zap Slash Damage by 12 when wielding this weapon and wielder is in the Warrior vocation.
10 Morale Masher Damages one enemy while lowering their Tension by 2 levels.
15 Agility +20 Increases the wielder's agility by 20 when wielding this weapon and has landed 3 or more critical hits.
20 Shocking Sweep Deals 120% Zap slash damage to 1 enemy group.
25 Dodge Rate +2% Increases the wielder's dodge rate by 2 when wielding this weapon
30 HP +2%
40 HP Recovery +5% Recovers 5% of the user's health after a battle and every time the wielder defeats enemy parties
50 Status Change Attacks +5% Increases the chance for status attacks by 5 when wielding this weapon and wielder is in the Warrior vocation.
Coup de Grâce Gigacrash Deals 185% Zap slash damage to 1 enemy party and 65% followup damage None


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Other languages
French Épée des rois
German Königsklinge
Spanish Unknown
Italian Spada Sovrana
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