Dragon Quest XI

In XI, a sword identical to Erdrick's sword appears as the legendary Sword of Light (勇者のつるぎ - Hero's Sword in Japanese) wielded by the Luminary's ancestor, Erdwin, during the Age of Heroes.

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It is initially safeguarded within the Heart of Yggdrasil where it awaits the Luminary, but is transformed into the Sword of Shadows when Mordegon steals the power of the Luminary and corrupts the blade. Later, the hero and his companions successfully forge a second Sword of Light with which to destroy Mordegon once and for all. This new sword, along with the Sword of Shadows, is shattered and later replaced by the original (called "Super") Sword of Light during the post-credits storyline after the hero travels back in time and successfully prevents Mordegon from taking the sword and destroying the Heart of Yggdrasil.

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Curiously, the Sword of Kings, while previously an epithet for what would become Erdrick's Sword, makes its own separate appearance in this game, featuring a design that slightly differs from the Sword of Light. This Sword of Kings is practically identical to the one from III, from casting Kaswoosh when used as an item in battle, right down to being obtainable after selling a lump of orichalcum to an NPC hailing from the game's Japan-inspired region of the world (Hotto and Jipang, respectively).

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