Dragon Quest XI
Japanese name シルビア
Rōmaji Shirubia
Gender Male
Title(s) Travelling Performer
Class Luminary/Warrior
Race(s) Human
Age Unknown
Family Don Rodrigo (father)

Sylvando (born Norberto Rodrigo, shortened to Sylv) is a character from Dragon Quest XI. A flamboyant travelling performer, he puts his talents to use in combat with a variety of different techniques and is capable of equipping whips, knives, and one-handed swords.


Sylvando is physically fit with slender yet muscular tones. He has black, shoulder length hair which is slicked back, thin eyebrows, grey eyes, and small silver studs on both ears. Sylvando wears a black and white striped jester's tunic over a red, long-sleeved shirt along with tan tights, purple shoes, and a leather belt worn around the waist. Sylvando also carries a long flute.


Flashy, flamboyant, and at times condescending, Sylvando's dream is to build a theatre of his own and make people all around the world smile. He is described as the mood maker of the party and refers to the Luminary and others as "darlings". Despite his outward appearance as a performer, Sylvando appears to know quite a bit about knighthood and chivalry. His past is shrouded in mystery and when asked, Sylvando tends to avoid the subject.

As he is from Puerto Valor, Sylvando speaks with a Spanish accent; but unlike other Valorians, his speech is generously seasoned with California tropes.


Dragon Quest XI


Being a traditional Luminary first and foremost, Sylvando gets many boosts to his agility and charm throughout his skill tree. Though proficient in three weapon classes, it is advisable to start with either Swords or Knives. From there, the player should invest in his Showmanship, as the Hustle Dance ability can be a lifesaver against group-targeting foes, many of which appear late.

As for innate skills, Sylv has exclusivity with a range of buffs and debuffs, and has the potential to counter some of the most annoying ailments with a Sobering Slap. Despite his initial weaknesses in other areas, he can be quite useful for a good portion of the game.


  • Though Sylvando appears to share many traits and skills with Jessica Albert of Dragon Quest VIII, he is not her most direct counterpart. This role was given to Jade as the femme fatale of the party.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, Sylvando refers to himself using the pronoun "atashi" (あたし), which is typically only used by women but it can be used by feminine men. This trait is shared by feminine male characters in various pieces of Japanese media, including various anime, manga, and video games.
    • In western versions, these tendencies translate into traits associated with the LGBTQ+ community, which is seldom represented in gaming.

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Other languages

Other languages
French Sylvando
German Rionaldo
Spanish Servando
Italian Sylvian
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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