Dragon Quest X Verison 5 Deets

The future of Dragon Quest X is here and this site is littered with prizes: It has artwork for people to upload to this wiki, so be my guest. Hopefully, justice will be done for the Blood Mummy, Crack-Billed Platypunk, Crocodog, Cruelcumber, Death Scorpion, High Djinks, Hyperpyrexion, Hyperanemon, Iron Scorpion, Lump Mage, Mandrake Maruader, Mandrake Monarch, Mottle She-Slime, Mottle Mendslime (Whose improved artwork should arrive sooner or later from Frostare.), Sluggerslaught, Tentacular, Terracotta Warrior, Thwarthog, Ursa Major, & Ursa Mega, while the Belly stickCanaryanio, & Pantomine lines get expanded, with new monsters added to the Dragon Quest X monster army. Ciao! Macdawg (talk) 12:51, May 29, 2019 (UTC)

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