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The Kingdom of Tantegel is a castle and town which serve as the capital of Alefgard. It is featured in the first three Dragon Quest games: Dragon QuestDragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III; as part of the Erdrick trilogy. Tantegel is the starting and central location in the original Dragon Quest and is the only location in Alefgard which has a castle and a reigning king.

In the original Famicom release of Dragon Quest, the castle and town share the same name. For the North American NES release, however, it was decided to give them different names, Tantegel and Brecconary respectively. In all subsequent English-language releases both locations are referred to as Tantegel; furthermore in later titles the two structures are combined into one single icon on the world map.


Dragon Quest[]

In the original Dragon Quest, Tantegel is a location of central importance. The capital of Alefgard, it is ruled by the just King Lorik and his daughter Princess Gwaelin and it used to house the powerful Sphere of Light, before the dreadful Dragonlord had stolen it from it's rightful place. With the threath of the Dragonlord and his armies looming ever closer, as they had even managed to kidnap his beloved daughter and to destroy one city, King Lorik asked for the assistance of the Hero, a direct descendant of the legendary hero Erdrick who in the past had saved Alefgard from the forces of darkness, pleading to him to defeat the Dragonlord and retrive the Sphere of Light, gifting him 120 gold coins, a torch and a magic key to assist in his quest

Tantegel becomes crucial during the Hero's quest; its castle is the only place where the Hero can save the record of his adventure by speaking to the King and it's here he will reappear should he fall in battle; it is also the only place where he can teleport to thanks to the use of the Zoom spell or one chimaera wing, it is home to a wizard that can completly replenish for free the Hero's MPs; behind a locked door requiring a magic key a church that can do the same for his HPs can be found, and various people from whom he can glance clues to how he must proceed in his endeavors roam the halls of the castle. Furthermore, with it's entrance hidden out of sight, in the casle dungeon he can find the Sunstone; this stone, closely guarded by an old man who had received it from Erdrick in person in an age long past, is one of the two crucial objects necessary to create the Rainbow Drop, the only mean possible to reach the Dragonlord's Castle.

However, should the Hero fall under a Curse, be it due to either the Choker or the Wasteband being equipped, the guards of Tantegel Castle will bar the Hero entrace in fear that the curse may spread. For similar reasons, if the Hero falls in battle while under a curse, King Lorik will immediately kick him out of the castle once he reappears in front of him.

In the town of Tantegel, located slighty east of the castle, the Hero can find various shops selling some cheap beginner equipments, one of which, hidden behind a locked door, sells Magic Water repellent. This town is also where the only wizard capable of dispelling curses can be found, as well as, in later releases, an inn and a bank capable of storing surplus gold and items.

Once the Dragonlord is slain, King Lorik will offer Tantegel's throne to the Hero, but that offer is declined. If Gwaelin is rescued, he joyfully grants his blessings to their union.

Dragon Quest II[]

In Dragon Quest II, it is revealed that the marriage between the Hero and Gwaelin had eventually given birth to three offshoot kingdoms in the larger land of Torland surrounding Alefgard: the kingdoms of Midenhall, Cannock and Moonbrooke; while Tantegel itself had found another heir to take up the throne after Lorik's passing.

Tantegel proper has a much more minor role this time around. The town has been relocated much closer to the castle, resulting in a complete restructuring that has melded the two into one single unit; unfortunately the current king has abandoned his post out of fear of Hargon, and now is hiding in a room above the armourer workshop. The three heroes of Midenhall, Cannock, and Moonbrooke can also meet yet again the same curse dispelling wizard, who once again will offer his services for free if asked, as well as another wizard that can completly replenish party's MP for free.

In the original NES release, no major items or information was located here. In later re-releases, however, Tantegel was given a more important role, for the king has in his possession the Soul Sigil. To reach it, its necessary to use the golden key to access the king's room and talk with him.

Once Hargon and Malroth are slain, if the king is spoken to, he will finally return to his royal duties. He mentions that, with this latest victory, it has been a total of three times that the descendants of Erdrick have saved the world (referring to the events of Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III).

Dragon Quest III[]

In this prequel to the events of Dragon Quest, Tantegel is once again a location of central importance in the 'Underworld' of Alefgard. Directly located under the Pit of Giaga, Tantegel is the location where the majority of travellers from the 'Overworld', such as Robbin' 'ood and unfortunate guard, end up after crossing over. More similarly structured like its Dragon Quest incarnation, Tantegel, like the rest of Alefgard, is currently under the iron-fisted rule of Zoma, and its people are suffering greatly, separated from the rest of the world of Torland, with even the light of the sun being blocked by an eternal night. It is here that the Hero first hears news that their father Ortega is still alive, learning that the man had been transported here after his last know fight in the 'Overworld'.

Originally Tantegel castle housed a mighty trinity of items, the Sword of Kings, the auroral armour and the hero's shield (which would later become known as Erdrick's sword, armour and shield), but these objects had been since stolen and scattered across the land by Zoma, with the sword in particular having been shattered by the demon after three whole years of toil. However the castle still contains the essential Sunstone, hidden away in an out-of-sight room. The castle is also home yet again to a wizard that can completly replenish the party's MP free of charge.

Once the Hero and their party defeated Zoma, the dawn finally returned to Alefgard and they had an audience with Tantegel's king. He greatly congratulated them for their success but also informed them that with Zoma's passing the passage between the two worlds had been closed off, meaning that they would forever be unable to return to their original world. The king bestowed then upon the hero the title of 'Erdrick', which meant 'dwelling land' in the ancient tongue, and he promised that they would forever be remembered as the mightiest of heroes. As seen in the epilogue and the Dragon Quest events, Erdrick would later choose to vanish from the public eye and travel the world, leaving the various items that aided them in their quest across Alefgard, but not before deciding to leave the Sphere of Light, a precious gift from the Dragon Queen that had the crucial role of dissipating Zoma's shield of darkness, in the safety of Tantegel.

In Tantegel, Erdrick and their party can meet the younger versions of the curse dispelling wizard, who at this time is still a boy, and of the old man to whom Erdrick would later entrust the Sunstone. This event can directly be seen if Erdrick visits the man once they are successful in slaying Zoma but before they speak with Tantegel's king.

Shops and services[]

Weapon/armour shop[]

Dragon Warrior (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Bamboo Pole 10 G Attack +2
Club 60 G Attack +4
Copper Sword 180 G Attack +10
Clothes 20 G Defence +2
Leather Armor 70 G Defence +4
Small Shield 90 G Defence +4

Dragon Warrior (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Bamboo 10 G Attack +2
Club 60 G Attack +4
Copper (sword) 180 G Attack +10
Cloth 20 G Defence +2
Leathr (armour) 70 G Defence +4
Leathr (shield) 90 G Defence +4

Dragon Warrior II (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Broad Sword 1,500 G Attack +30
Giant Hammer 4,000 G Attack +35
Wizard's Wand 2,500 G Attack +8, casts Firebal when used as an item.
Clothes Hiding 1,250 G Defence +20, Evasion +20%
Steel Shield 2,000 G Defence +10
Iron Helmet 3,150 G Defence +6

Dragon Warrior II (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Wizard 2,500 G Attack +27, casts Firebal when used as an item.
Steel (sword) 1,500 G Attack +30
Hammer 4,000 G Attack +40
Evade 1,250 G Defence +35, Evasion +20%
Steel (armour) 1,000 G Defence +25
Iron (helmet) 3,150 G Defence +6

Dragon Quest II (Mobile, Switch)
Item Price Attributes
Wizard's staff 4,000 G Attack +27, casts Sizz when used as an item.
Steel broadsword 1,500 G Attack +30
Sledgehammer 4,000 G Attack +40
Cloak of evasion 1,800 G Defence +35, Evasion +20%
Full plate armour 1,200 G Defence +25
Iron helmet 3,150 G Defence +6

Item shop[]

In the NES version, the item shop is referred to as a tools shop.

Dragon Warrior (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Herb 24 G Restores a small amount of HP.
Torch 8 G Lights a radius around the Hero.
Dragon's Scale 20 G Defence +2

Dragon Warrior (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Herb 10 G Restores a small amount of HP.
Torch 8 G Lights a radius around the Hero.
D-Scale 20 G Defence +5

Dragon Warrior II (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Medical Herb 15 G Restores a small amount of HP.
Antidote Herb 8 G Cures poisoning.
Wing of the Wyvern 80 G Returns party to the last save location.
Fairy Water 40 G Repels weaker monsters.
Dragon's Bane 640 G Protects against Stopspell and Sleep.

Dragon Warrior II (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Herb 10 G Restores a small amount of HP.
Antidote 8 G Cures poisoning.
Warp Wing 25 G Returns party to the last save location.
Repellent 40 G Repels weaker monsters.
Amulet 640 G Protects against StopSpell and Sleep.

Dragon Quest II (Mobile, Switch)
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 8 G Restores 20-35 HP.
Antidotal herb 10 G Cures poisoning.
Holy water 20 G Repels weaker monsters.
Chimaera wing 25 G Warps party to a previously visited town.
Banishing bell 640 G Protects against Fizzle and Snooze.


6 G (Dragon Warrior,NES)
3 G (Dragon Warrior,GBC)
6 G per person (Dragon Warrior II,NES)
2 G per person (Dragon Quest II,remakes)

Other notable attributes[]

   Save icon    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Zoom icon    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

   Bank icon    This location includes a bank or vault.

Other appearances[]

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Definitive Edition[]

The Luminary can visit Tantegel during the era of the first game through the Echo Chamber's Altar of Origins. Here he will find that King Lorik has fallen mute, and needs some spectrum nectar to speak again. This nectar is given to the Luminary upon entering Tickington after defeating Calasmos. The monarch rewards his saviours with a Pallium Regale, and a ballad is sung in their honour.

Dragon Quest Builders[]

In this alternate reality where history had taken a different path, Tantegel had been reduced by the Dragonlord to a land of ash and death where Rubiss's power could hardly reach. Princess Gwaelin, heartbroken, had recited a charm to turn herself to stone in order to escape the agony of her Hero's sudden betrayal and the despair the Dragonlord had wrought upon the land. There she had stayed in such a state for approximately 100 years, until the Builder of legend freed her thanks to the use of the Holy Water, which also had the power to fix the land and return it to its original form. After this the Builder reached the ruins of the old Tantegel castle and they began repairing the structure to its former glory. Two areas that can be reached by using teleportals: Tantegel Moor and the Dragonlord's Castle. The boss of this fourth and final chapter is the Dragonlord himself.

During the epilogue Tantegel town can be seen being rebuilt in a similar fashion to its Dragon Quest II incarnation, though it is left ambiguous if the one leading the construction is the same Builder as before.



  • One reason the town may have been given a different name in the NES version is because the localizers may have thought it odd to have two distinct locations bear the same name. However, in Dragon Quest II and III the town and castle are combined into just one location on the world map.
  • Tantegel is named after the real life Cornish village of Tintagel and the nearby Tintagel Castle. They are associated with the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and have become one of the most visited places in Britain.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Tentagel
German Tantigel
Spanish Trávena
Italian Tantegal
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Tremedal
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean 라다톰