For the skill of the same name from Dragon Quest IX, see Tap Dance (Evasiveness skill).

Tap Dance is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VI

Tap Dance absorbs MP from the enemy, and is learned by advancing to rank 7 of the Dancer vocation. The amount of MP absorbed is dependant on the user's level, and calculated as Lvl/4+5. Sluggernauts can learn it when they are recruited, but only in the SNES version.

Dragon Quest VII

Tap Dance is learned by Aishe, and advancing to rank 5 of the Dancer vocation. The skill is also learned by advancing to rank 2 of the Slime vocation. The absorption algorithm is the same as before.

  • In the 3DS version the skill has been nerfed to only drain 5~12 MP. regardless of level.

Dragon Quest X

Making an appearance for the first time since an ability with a similar name debuted in IX, it is used by monsters Octopots, Abyssal octopots, Octo Dermons, Pocus poppets, Shako demons, Nightmares, and Bondiri. Magic marionettes, Prancing pillars, & Goodybags can learn it while they are recruited by the player.

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Switch

Now fully used by monsters, it can drain a hefty amount of MP from all enemies. While still used by Octopots & Abyssal octopots, Voodoogooders can use it too. However, it is only seen in the 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, with a 3rd tier of Weird Dance appearing in the PS4 and 3D Switch versions.

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