Tatsunaga is a boss monster who appears in Dragon Quest XI.


A super souped-up spitzfire with a serious mean streak about him, Tatsunaga appears to be a dragon spirit capable of recreating itself upon defeat by possessing its slayer.


Main games

Dragon Quest XI

Rise of the Lord of Shadows

High Priestess Miko and her son Ryu once climbed Mount Huji on a mission to protect Hotto from the dragon's wrath. When it was defeated, its soul was transferred into Ryu, turning him into the monster itself. Ashamed of this, Miko lied about having defeated him, when in reality, she was looking for the Mirror of Ra to cure him. Miko then devised a rite of human sacrifice in order to keep Tatsunaga at bay, but when twin children discover that their mother is next to be sacrificed, they attempt to stop Miko using a monster carcass as a "guardian spirit" and wound her. This prompts Miko to request the Luminary’s aid in slaying the beast.

The spirit attacks, but the party is unfazed when "it" blows its cover to reveal the twins, who invite the party to their hideaway on Mount Huji, from which they observe Tatsunaga sleeping. Shortly thereafter, the wyrm wakes and, missing its ritual meal, turns its attention to Hotto.

As was feared by the townsfolk, Tatsunaga torches the village and wipes out its best soldiers before targeting the Luminary and his party. They battle the beast long enough to drive him back to Mount Huji, though not before Miko offers herself as the sacrifice, claiming Ryu is still within reach.

Weakened, Tatsunaga waits in the core of the active volcano, then launches his ultimate battle against the party. Though it is no easy feat, the Luminary prevails once more, releasing Ryu’s soul. Before he leaves for the beyond, Ryu recalls the story of the mirror and how it was to dispel the dragon curse once and for all. This vision does not come to pass as the mirror was devoured before it could have any effect.

#368 - Tatsunaga
Dragon Family
DQXI - Tatsunaga 2D
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
2400 (1st fight) 4800 (2nd fight) 240 193 192 113 (1st fight) 193 (2nd fight)
Exp Gold Drop None
8400 (First fight) 21000 (2nd fight) 0 (First fight) 9600 (2nd fight) G
Note: A ferocious red dragon feared for its penchant for eating people. It was originally attracted to Mount Huji by the heat and the smell of humans.
Normal attack
Acts twice
Acts thrice
Ferocious Roar
Gets pepped up
Battering Slam
Spits a barrage of blistering fire balls (PS4 and 3D Switch only)
Infernal Fireball (3DS and 2D Switch only)
Haunts at:
Mount Huji (Mid game)


Other languages

Other languages
French Tatsunaga
German Tatsunaga
Spanish Draconaga
Italian Tatsunaga
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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