The tempest shield (formerly Wind God Shield & Aeolus' shield) is a recurring shield in the Dragon Quest series. Engraved with the face of a furious god, it blows away whole swaths of enemies with the strength of Zephyrus himself.

While several guides state that the shield casts Poof on all enemies, the effect actually uses Whack's instant death element to check enemy resistance. The confusion comes from the fact that enemies blown away do not give experience or gold.


Dragon Quest III

Appearing only in the remakes, the tempest shield increases defence by +35, and can be equipped by every vocation save Mages and Martial Artists. It is found in the Romaria treasure vault.

Dragon Quest IV

The tempest shield has a defence bonus of +50. Found in Diabolic Hall, and equippable by Ragnar and the Hero.

Dragon Quest V

The tempest shield has a defence bonus of +35, and cuts breath damage by 10. It can be equipped by the Herohis sonSancho, and select monster recruits. It is sold in Gotha for 4700.

Dragon Quest VI

Grants +35 defence and +18 Style (with a bonus of +35 when equipped with the Sunderbolt blade), but has lost its elemental resistance from V. It can be equipped by the HeroCarver, and Terry, and is found in the treasury of Castle Graceskull and the undersea treasury.

Dragon Quest VII

Increases defence by +32, and can be equipped by the Hero and Aishe.

Dragon Quest IX

Tempest shield

Tempest Shield

1 Magic Shield, 3 Flurry Feathers, and 1 Ruby of protection.

The Tempest Shield has 25 Defence and uses the spell Poof if used as an item in battle.

The Rarity is 1/5 stars.

The Block Chance is 3.5%

Used By Priest, Warrior, Minstrel, and Mage.

You can also buy it at the Upover Armor shop for 12500G.

Description: A shield that baffles breath attacks if used as an item in battle.


Other languages

Other languages
French Bouclier du vent
German Sturmschild
Spanish Escudo de tempestad
Italian Scudo della tempesta
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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