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Quest #027 - "Big-Headed Bard"
Location Coffinwell - Between the armor and item shop
Available at After visiting Alltrades Abbey
Requested by Earnest
Response to The nun in Coffinwell church
Requirement Technicolour dreamcloth
Reward Elfin charm
Detail A poet in Coffinwell called Earnest wants you to find him a bolt of Technicolour dreamcloth. Once you've found it, he wants you to present it to the nun in the church, along with a love poem he wrote for her.
Hint for solution To make a Technicolour dreamcloth combine x3 Grubby bandage, a Brighten rock and a Celestial skein. The nun is located outside Coffinwell Church, find her and give all the Technicolour dreamcloth and the love poem to her.
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