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Display an icon or icons related to Dragon Quest IX.
It is fun that all weapons with the name "staff" are classified as "wand" using the icon Staff. And the weapons name "pole" are classified as "staff" using the icon Pole.



All vocation:
DQ9 Warrior IconPriest IconMage IconMartial Artist IconThief IconMinstrel Icon
Other icons: Accessory DQ9ArmamentalistIcon DQ9AxeIcon Bodywear DQ9BowIcon Claw Fan Female only icon Footwear DQ9GladiatorIcon DQ9HammerIcon Handwear Headwear Item icon Knife Lance Legwear Mage Icon Male only icon Martial Artist Icon Minstrel Icon Pole Priest Icon DQ9Ranger Shield Staff Sword Thief Icon DQ9ThrownIcon DQ9 Warrior Icon Whip


All vocation: 

Other icons:

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