"Dai, the Tiny Hero" (小さな勇者、ダイ, "Chiisana Yusha", Dai, translated as "The Tiny Hero, Dai") is the first episode of the 2020 2D and CG animated TV series, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. It first aired on 3 October 2020.


The episode begins with a series of flashbacks of the Hero killing the Dark Lord Hadlar and being observed by mysterious people, then a man grieving over a dead woman and an infant Dai being found by Brass at the bay of Dermline Island.

In the present time, Dai is the only human on Dermline Island. The old wizard monster Brass adopted him, when he was just a little baby. Dai trains magic with Brass, but the boy has no talent for it. Brass wants that Dai turns into a mage to help the hero.

Dai remembers the story of the hero who long ago fought against a Dark Lord who was making the people suffer. The hero and his partners defeated the Lord, and then, all the monster were released from the evil spell and were left to live in peace on Dermline Island, a place isolated from all humans.

One day, when Dai was sat on rock near the sea, he saw the Fake Heroes, a group of thieves that act like real heroes, sailing to Dermline Island. The little boy greeted the thieves, thinking they are real heroes. Zurbon, the only woman of the group asked to Dai if he could show them the island, because they wanted to protect it. After Dai gathers all the monsters but Brass and Gome, Dai's best friend and very rare slime. Zurbon asks him if there is a pretty slime on the island, referring to Gomechan. After Dai goes after Gomechan, Brass arrives and discovers the real identity of the Fake Heroes.

When Dai comes back with Gomechan, Derolin, the leader of thieves, is attacking the innocent monsters from Dermline Island, with the help of the other members. Dai is defeated by Derolin's Boom, and Gome is kidnapped. Enraged, Dai decided to rescue Gome, and so Brass gives him a sword and bunch of Magic Cylinders tubes that can carry monsters inside, including two Golden Cylinders that the Dark Lord gave him a long time ago. Dai catches Brass and some monsters, and departs on a Chimaera to the royal boat.

The Fake Heroes, after lying to the king saying they were attacked by the monsters, offered him Gomechan in exchange for Gold.

Dai infiltrates the ship and releases all the monster making a fuss. Herohero is defeated and Masopho and Zurbon fight the rest of the monsters. Derolin and Dai fights until Dai falls, Brass, while facing Masopho, orders Dai to use the golden cylinder, releasing slimes and a green dragon that defeats Masopho and knocks down Derolin. When the impostor is about to be burned Zurbon arrives with Gomechan as hostages. When Dai's about to surrender, the slimes merge into a king slime and slam onto Zurbon. Dai manages to capture Derolin inside a magic tube. After seeing that fight, the King of Romos realizes that Derolin is not a hero, but Dai is. So the king, apologizes and gives The little boy the Crown of Champions. The story concludes with Brass saying that he hid the Crown of Champions since Dai's destiny is to be a mage, and the king takes his ship to Papnica while the Fake Heroes try to return on board. Three months later, Baron, Temujin and Leona arrive at Dermline island.


Battles & Events

  • Avan vs. Hadlar
  • Fake Heroes vs. Brass & Dermline Monsters
  • Dai vs. Derolin (started and concluded)
  • Herohero vs. Golem
  • Masopho vs. Brass

Magic/Abilities/Items used

Magic used

  • Doru Aura (Baran, unnamed)
  • Woosh (Zurbon, Brass)
  • Boom (Derolin)
  • Crack (Masopho)
  • Frizz (Derolin, Brass)

Abilities used

  • Swordless stance (Avan, unnamed)
  • Avan Strash (Avan, unnamed)

Items used

  • Magic Cylinder
  • Gold Cylinder
  • Crown of Champions

Monsters Seen

Manga & Anime Differences

The anime is more fast paced.

  • It cold opens with the battle that killed Hadlar, long before the manga showed it.
  • Added scenes of Vearn and close followers observing the battle.
  • Showed Soara's death earlier than the manga did.
  • Added Brass finding Dai's cradle.
  • Removed Gomechan mimicking a crown when Dai muses about becoming a hero.
  • The Fake Heroes arrives at the island on a small boat.
  • The Fake Heroes are not scared by Merman.
  • The reaction of Derolin after being discovered is shown.
  • Removed the undead bullmustiff, ratscal, sabrecat, beakon, badboon, batterfly, antnibbler, maulusc, and crabid families from the island's monsters, while Great sabrecat, firebird, stark raven, mischievous mole, imp, lips, foo dog, pogoin' penguin, hulagan, platypunk, and ham shamwitch were added.
  • Dai is not wounded by the Fake Heroes' spells and does not wear bandages on his right arm during the cylinders explanation, giving no explanation as to why he still wears a right armlet when going to rescue Gomechan.
  • Masopho now uses the Crack spell.
  • Dai captures Brass multiple times instead of being shown capturing other monsters.
  • Dai is not shown departing on a chimaera but is seen arriving on one.
  • The Fake Heroes give Gomechan to the king of Romos on a ship instead of going back to Romos, the king now being cruising around the world and going to Papnica. Consequently, Dai boards the ship instead of going to Romos on a chimaera.
  • The Fake Heroes don't receive gold and a feast is not organized
  • Zurbon doesn't go to the clothing shop and is therefore not kidnapped by Dai, stripped and tickled by an antnibbler, and not interrogated into revealing Masopho and Hero hero's weaknesses. She does not seduce the warden slimes to escape.
  • Instead of giving one cylinder filled with Dragon Quest IV monsters to Brass, the Dark Lord gave him two Gold Cylinders with a king slime and a green dragon. Gold Cylinders did not exist but the one with special monsters was sparkly in the manga.
  • Brass now also gives a sword to Dai, instead of him picking up one during the battle at Romos.
  • Dai only has a few Cylinders that he wears on a belt given by Brass instead of two full bandoliers. Only releasing one Golem, one great sabrecat and one jackanape.
  • Brass comes with Dai and Masopho faces him instead of being drained by mud mannequins.
  • Hero hero is defeated by a golem without using his weakness of goodybag against him.
  • Derolin doesn't defeat the monsters alone with Frizz.
  • Zurbon uses Gomechan as a hostage instead of her warden slimes, the king slime is now from the Archfiend's tube instead of the warden slimes combining.
  • Gomechan is released without a monster cutting the cage
  • Brass is present at Dai's coronation, and Dai doesn't faint after his victory.
  • Added the scene with the Fake Heroes going back.
  • Removed the scene with Dai running to tell Brass about the warship, interrupting his meal.


  • Gush/Gulp
  • Frizz; Fire-type spell


  • The scene of Brass finding Dai is a combination of things from the manga: chapter 6 showed a panel of Brass picking up the cradle from a small boat while chapter 196 showed that it had a nameplate with only the first letter "D" still readable.
  • Monsters from entries after Dragon Quest IV to VI are shown on the island while in the manga only those from the original trilogy inhabited the surface. Some from even later entries are displayed.
  • Demon Lord Hadlar was changed to Dark Lord Hadlar in the Crunchyroll/Hulu English subbed version localization provided by Square Enix.


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In order


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  • Heroh heroh: Yasuhiro MAMIYA
  • Masopho: Hiroshi IWASAKI
  • Leona: Saori HAYAMI
  • Temjin: Hiroshi NAKA
  • Romos King: Ikkyuu JUKU
  • Avan: Takahiro SAKURAI
  • Vearn: Takaya HASHI
  • Hadlar: Tomokazu SEKI
  • Baran: Sho HAYAMI
  • Monsters
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    • Tarō KIUCHI
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    • Yusuke SUDA
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In collaboration with Toei Movie Studios


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