The Journey to Epic Adventure!! is the fifteenth chapter of Riku Sanjo and Koji Inada's Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. It is the last chapter of the first arc and of the original serialisation deal before it was prolonged or stopped. Sanjo, conceived it as an endpoint in case the serialisation was not renewed.[1]

Titles and pages 1 to 3 were in full colour and the rest used a limited palette.


Characters in Order of Appearance

  • Brass
  • Popp
  • Dai
  • Gomechan
  • Sovereign Rock Castle
  • Hadlar
  • Vearn
  • Gargoyle C
  • Gargoyle E
  • Avan (dream)


The manga not being in full colour, it is impossible to know the specific species if not named. At the time, Magus sprites had no sceptres as opposed to other members of the mage family:

  • Undead legion

Battles & Events

Spells/Abilities/Items used

Spells used

Abilities used

Items used


  • Shadow of the legion commanders appear but do not correspond to their eventual design.
  • In recent editions, the "six-pointed star of evil" (邪悪の六芒星) was redrawn to keep only the star outer boundary and retitled the "six stars of evil" (邪悪の六星) most likely to avoid any religious interpretations. The full colour page used the following colour. The one shown purple is not among the three defeated legions in chapter 73 but chapter 235 revealed the Undead Legion Commander to be purple.
Orange Purple
Yellow Blue


  1. Riku Sanjo interview, Otona Fami No.38, December 2011 (2011-OCT-20)


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