The Bad Cave
The Bad Cave
The Entrance of The Bad Cave
Japanese name サンマロウ北洞窟
Rōmaji The cave north of San Marou

The Bad Cave is a dungeon in Dragon Quest IX. It is located north of Bloomingdale. This is the hideout of Marionette's kidnappers, and has various signs mentioning the boss monster in this dungeon.

There is a chance of a Cannibox ambush when opening blue chests.

   FyggIcon    This is where a Fygg can be collected

Monsters in the Area

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#083 Medislime 300 G 110 Item icon Strong medicine
Item icon Slimedrop
#084 Shaman 134 G 290 Bodywear Magical robes
Handwear Ultramarine mittens
#085 Weaken beakon 88 G 266 Item icon Flurry feather
Claw Crow's claws
#086 Raving lunatick 98 G 310 Whip Thorn whip
Item icon Strong antidote
#087 Hunter mech 144 G 450 Item icon Iron ore
DQ9BowIcon Hunter's bow
#088 Riptide 156 G 540 Item icon Dragon scale
Claw Razor claws
#089 Metal medley 60 G 12288 Item icon Slimedrop
Item icon Mythril ore
#204 Cannibox 210 G 960 Item icon Mini medal
Accessory Gold bracer

Notable Monster

#089 - Metal medley
Slime Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
6 255 70 256 135
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Slimedrop
Item icon Mythril ore
12288 60 G
Note: Give high experience and has high defense. Use skills like "Metal Slash", or some other multi-hit attacks. Surprisingly common for a member of the Metal Slime family.

Boss Monster

#264 - Tyrantula
Bug Family
IX - Tyrantula sprite
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
1098 36 100 154 96
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Tangleweb (100%)
5231 1500 G
Description: An enormous arachnid who dwelt deep in the Bad Cave, soaking up poison and perniciousness until she morphed into a man-eater. It is said that she made meals of travellers lost in her cave to feed her clutch of countless eggs.

Encountered at:
Bloomingdale region - The Bad Cave
Attributes Resistance
Fire Ice Wind Earth Light Dark Blast Illusion Sleep Death Drain MP Confusion Silent Petrify Paralyze Poison Attract Attack ↓ Defense ↓ Agility ↓ Magic Res ↓
75 75 75 100 125 125 125 0 0 0 100 0 0 0 0 0 5 25 75 50 75



  • This place is perfect for level grinding on Metal Medleys.

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