The Stairway to Zenithia is a location in Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest V.

Dragon Quest IV

Located on Central Island south of The Azimuth, it is an immensely tall tower stretching up towards the heavens. Because it serves as the gateway of sorts to Zenithia, the Hero and his party can only enter if he is wearing the entire set of Zenithia Equipment. It has a number of magically powered elevators, some of the only articles of high technology in the entire game.

The first floor of the Tower has a high encounter rate for Metal king slimes, allowing for easier grinding for the endgame.

The layout in the remake differs greatly from the original version.

Dragon Quest V

The Stairway to Zenithia is located on the central continent. Due to the shoals surrounding the area, it can only be reached by riding in the Flying Carpet. Since Zenithia itself had sunk into a lake, the tower has fallen into disrepair, with only half of the original tower being explorable. The Hero, along with his children, enter the tower while searching for the Hero's wife. At the very top, they encounter the ghost of an old Zenithian, who tells them that Zenithian had fallen to the bottom of a lake a long time ago, then gives them a magma staff in order to access the cave that will lead them to Zenithia.

Due north of the tower is a lake where the elusive Faerie Palace is hidden.

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