Theddon (previously known as Tedanki) is a a town found in Dragon Quest III, located in what equates to the southern region of the real world African continent. By being the closest to Baramos' Lair, it was the site of the fiend's first assault upon the world. During the day, Theddon is destroyed and deserted; but at night, the former inhabitants return, unaware of their own passing...


Dragon Quest III

Theddon is first mentioned by the keeper of the Portoga lighthouse, which players will see after gaining their ship. Sailing southward from the strait of Portoga across the continent will put the town into view quickly.

The townsfolk were cursed by Baramos after his forces killed them, being unable to move on to the afterlife and not even realizing that they are dead. The innkeeper and store owners operate as they did in real life and the player will not be tricked for using their services, but until the fiend is slain there is no help for these lost souls. The Green Orb is given to the player by the prisoner, who instructs them to travel to the southernmost continent. In order to speak to the man, the Ultimate key is required.

Remake changes

  • The day time music has been altered to sound much more sombre
  • The price of the inn has been dropped from 31 gold per person to just 1 each, encouraging players to rest at the town and learn the truth.


Nearby monsters

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