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If you become a thief, you'll be able to steal your enemy's belongings. You will also be able to tell how much treasure is in the vicinity.
Dragon Quest VII

Thief is a vocation in the Dragon Quest series.

Thieves have high speed and agility but average attack power and defence power. They have the ability to steal items at the end of a fight. In addition, they are decent combatants that can use whips and chains to attack multiple enemies at once. In the overworld, abilities such as Eye for Distance allow the player to locate villages and nearby towns.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest III Remakes[]

8 Eye for Distance
10 Storeyteller
13 Nose for Treasure
17 Padfoot
20 Snoop

Dragon Quest VI[]

Stat Changes[]
Strength -10%
Agility +20%
Defence -30%
Wisdom -10%
Style -20%
Max. HP -10%
Max. MP -40%
Battles Needed
1 Runner Sandstorm 1
2 Vagrant Hawkeye 8
3 Pilferer Stone's Throw 17
4 Henchman Shove 30
5 Cat Burglar Storeyteller 48
6 Spy Padfoot 66
7 Assassin Nose for Treasure 110
8 Crime Boss Snoop 140

Dragon Quest VII[]

Stat Changes[]
Strength -10%
Agility +20%
Guard -30%
Intelligence -10%
Appearance -20%
Max. HP -10%
Max. MP -40%
Battles Needed
1 Pickpocket Muster Strength, Sandstorm 0
2 Purse Snatcher Shove, Safe Passage 5
3 Pilferer Stone's Throw 10
4 Henchman Peep 16
5 Cat Burglar Snoop, Nose for Treasure 24
6 Criminal Genius Storeyteller 34
7 Crime Boss Holy Protection 44
8 KIngpin Klepto Clobber 69
Hybrid Abilities[]
Dancer Tap Dance
Fighter Pressure Pointer
Jester Weird Leer
Mage Drain Magic
Warrior Klepto Clobber

The Thief's best skill is Nose for Treasure, which allows treasure hunters to know how much treasure is left on a particular floor. As for hybrid skills, Thief Hit, the hybrid skill of a Warrior and a Thief, is probably one of the useful hybrid skills to learn as it has the chance of taking one item from a monster regardless of whether or not it is defeated. However, the stealing rate is quite low. To this end, the character must have a high luck value to steal successfully.

Regarding evolution, the Thief can combine a mastered Shepherd class to become a Monster Master. They will learn all sorts of breath skills and have a chance at taming monsters for the Monster Meadows. The Thief can also combine a mastered Sailor class to become a Pirate. The Pirate learns sea based attacks which is useful as most monsters, save the aquatic ones, don't have resistance to these skills. Plus they are cost effective.

Dragon Quest IX[]

DQIX - Thief

The Thief vocation is available at the start of the game (start of game meaning when you have access to "Patty's Party Planning Place") and has the unique skillset "Acquisitiveness". Thieves can also use skill points to learn Sword, Knife, Claw, and Fisticuffs skills. Their coup de grâce is "Itemized Kill," which guarantees treasure dropped after the battle (some say this is a better method of item farming than using the "Haulellujah" Co-op De Grâce).

4 Natural Deftness +20
10 Half-Inch
16 Natural Agility +20
22 Pitfall
32 Natural Max HP +20
42 Nose For Treasure
55 Natural Deftness +40
68 Eye For Trouble
82 Natural Agility +40
100 Treasure Eye Land
4 Squelch
9 Heal
12 Evac
16 Accelerate

Dragon Quest X[]

The Thief is one of the six starting vocations available in version 1.0 of Dragon Quest X. They can use Knives, Whips, Claws, Hammers, Fisticuffs and Shields, each one with their own individual skill trees, with their exclusive skill tree being once again Acquisitiveness (おたから). Their coup de grâce is likewise Itemized Kill (お宝ハンター) once again. They have the highest Deftness in the game, which allows critical hits to have high chance, and also serves to improve the chance of them successfully stealing items.

Heroes series[]

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Teresa and Lazarel can become Thieves from the start; once they have reached level 20 as thieves and a certain point in the story has been reached, Teresa or Lazarel, depending on who is the leading protagonist, becomes able to tackle a sidequest that will reward the Thief's key, allowing to open the special, locked Treasure chests scattered across the land.

As a Thieves, they can equip Claws, Whips, and Bows.

Other games[]

Dragon Quest Walk[]

Thief is one of the base vocations, available from the start.

Preferred weapon types:

Dragon Quest Champions[]

Preferred weapon types:

Notable Thieves[]


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