Thin Air is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Strikes all enemies with a chi-based shockwave. The skill bears the Woosh element, making it ineffective against certain monster families.


Dragon Quest IV Remakes

In the remakes, Thin Air is one of the special abilities that Psaro can learn. He learns it at level 44 (or earlier depending on his wisdom stat). Thin air deals a fixed 85~104 damage range and isn't affected by Psaro's level. Also, Thin Air is not affected by Bounce, even though it is listed as a one of the character's spells.

Dragon Quest VI

Making its debut, it is learned after advancing to rank 2 of the Paladin vocation. Damage is calculated as ((Level*2 +30)+/-10%) and caps at level 60 for a range of 135~165. It is also used by Jumping jackals, Commander Brutus, and the Stormsgate Citadel in battle.

  • In the Nintendo DS and mobile phone versions of VI, thin air has been tweaked so that it caps at level 50 and damage is calculated as ((Level*2 +50)+/-10%).

Dragon Quest VII

Thin Air is again learned by reaching rank 2 as a Paladin and rank 7 of the Dingbat in both versions of the game, and is also learned at rank 1 of the Champion, Rank 3 for the Hero, and rank 4 of the Pirate vocation in the 3DS remake. It is also used by Drakulords and the Cumulus vex in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Thin Air is a Fisticuffs skill that the HeroYangus, and Jessica can learn. It requires 42 skill points for both the Hero and Yangus, and 68 skill points for Jessica. Damage is figured as (((Level*2 +30) *0.8)+/-10%), capping at level 60 for a range of 108~132. It is also used by Dieablos, Jackal rippers, Fowlfighters, Dhoulmagus, Captain Crow, and the Lord of the Dragovians in battle.

  • In the 3DS version, Red and Morrie will learn thin air after adding 33 and 42 skill points to their fisticuffs skill trees, respectively.

Dragon Quest IX

Though not available to player characters, Thin Air is a skill used by White trigertaurs, Hammer horrors, King Godwyn, and his father in battle. When used by Nokturnus, the damage calculation is (53 + (3 * level)) * 0.9~1.1, giving it a base range of 126~154 and a cap of 315~385.

Dragon Quest X

Available to player characters for the first time since VIII, it is learned by investing 180 skill points into the Fisticuffs skill tree. It costs 5 MP to use, and deals 400 damage with an attack power of about 300 damage.

Dragon Quest XI

An enemy only skill once again, it is used by Whirly girlies, Brollygaggers, Brollympians, Brollygarchs, and Tiger jackals as well as Jumping jackals and Jackal rippers once again.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twins Kings and Ending of the Prophecy

Used by High djinks when a player transforms into one with its Monster Medal.

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