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Thunder Thrust is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Always gets a critical hit, but has low accuracy.


Dragon Quest VIII[]

Making its debut, it is learned by the Hero after investing 12 skill points into the Spear skill tree and has a 50% miss rate, a 25% normal hit rate, and a 25% critical hit rate to damage one enemy. It costs 3 MP to use and is replaced with the more effective Lightning Thrust for a 50% critical hit rate after investing 59 skill points. In the 3DS remake, it no longer consumes Tension when used, similar to X, but doesn't deal normal damage.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Acting the same as in VIII, it is learned with 58 skill points invested into the Spear skill tree and costs 8 MP to use, but has a 50/50 rate of either dealing a critical hit or missing, similar to Lightning Thrust.

Dragon Quest X[]

Acting the same as in IX, it is learned when 76 skill points are invested into the Spear skill tree, though it no longer consumes tension and is still effective for Metal slime hunting. It costs 8 MP to use once again, and is also used by Ilseem. It can also be enhanced with the Master Orb Jewels from Version 3 onwards, while a stronger version can be learned by Martial Artists and Item Masters after investing 100 skill points into their Spear skill trees. In the Offline version of the game, it is learned by investing 5 skill points into the Hero and Prince Laguas's Spear skill trees.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Acting the same as in its last two appearances, Serena and Jade will learn the skill through the Spears section of their Character Builders for 18 and 6 points respectively, retaining the 50% accuracy, but is now no longer affected by Dazzle and the target's evasion. It costs 6 MP to use and is also used by Zumeanies in battle.

Dragon Quest Heroes and Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Appearing as an action of Kiryl's, it is activated by pressing and holding the △ button (X button in the Nintendo Switch ports), instead of him using Multithrust, making it useful for breaking the shield guarding of the Restless armour monster family. In the sequel, it is an action for Lazarel and Teresa when they wield Spears in the Priest and Gladiator vocations and can also break the shield guarding of the Mandrake major monster family.

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

Appears as a skill for the Storm spear weapon.

Dragon Quest Walk[]

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Dragon Quest Treasures[]

Known as Best Blade Forward in this spin off entry, it is learned by Orcs, Orc queens, and Greasy palms, thrusting furiously and frantically on any and all enemies that get in the way, inflicting physical piercing damage and likely critical damage as well, costing 3 MP to use for the first time since VIII.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Tonnerre divin
German Donnerstoß
Forscher Vorstoß (TR)
Spanish Asalto de Trueno
Italian Colpo del tuono
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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