Thunder Thrust is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series. It always gets a critical hit, but has low accuracy.


Dragon Quest VIII

The Hero can use Thunder Thrust as a spear technique after investing 12 skill points into the associated skill tree. It has a 50% miss rate, a 25% normal hit rate, and a 25% critical hit rate. After investing 59 points, it is replaced with the more effective Lightning Thrust for a 50% crit rate.

Dragon Quest IX

This ability is learned with 58 skill points invested into Spear skill, and acts the same as in VIII.

Dragon Quest X

Acting the same as in IX, it is learned when 76 skill points are invested into Spear skill. It no longer consumes tension and is still effective for Metal slime hunting. The ability can also be enhanced with the Master Orb Jewels from Version 3 onwards, and the Warrior vocation can also learn it starting with Version 5.

Dragon Quest XI

Serena and Jade will learn the skill through the Spears section of their character builders for 18 and 6 points respectively. It costs 6 MP to use and retains the 50% accuracy, but is now no longer effected by Dazzle and the target's evasion. Monsters can also use it, though only Zumeanies are seen with it.

  • Jade will unlock Lightning Thrust for 16 skill points. It has a higher accuracy of 67%, and costs 9 MP to use.

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