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For the Weapon named as such in Dragon Quest Tact, see Thunder sword.

The thunderbolt blade (formerly called the Thunder Sword or Lighting Sword in DQotS) is a powerful weapon appearing in the Dragon Quest series.


The thunderbolt blade has a curved golden blade much like a scimitar but with a jagged shape meant to evoke the shape of lightning. The entire blade is covered with a golden filigree and the hilt is blue with a golden pommel and a red jewel on its crossguard. The blade also has a white section in the center of its blade which is tapered on both ends and inscribed with runes, as well as a black circle surrounded by triangles closer to the hilt. When the sword is swung in battle, it is accompanied by lightning.


Dragon Quest II[]

The thunderbolt blade has an attack bonus of +95 (+80 in the NES version) and it was found in the Cave to Rendarak and served as the Prince of Midenhall's most powerful weapon. It can be sold for a measly 375 gold, but it is not recommended to do so. In addition to melee attacks, the sword could be used during combat as an item, which would have the effect of casting Woosh, but with a visual effect of lightning. In various spinoffs, the thunderbolt blade has often appeared as the signature weapon of the Prince of Midenhall.

Dragon Quest III[]

The Thunderbolt blade has an attack bonus of +82 (+85 in the NES version) could be found in the Maw of the Necrogond. It is usable by the hero and warriors. When used as an item, it has the same effect as the Boom spell. In the mobile remakes, the blade's casting has been updated to casting of the kasizzle spell.

Dragon Quest Swords[]

The Thunderbolt Blade in Dragon Quest Swords costs 3200g in the armor shop at Castle Avalonia, sells for 2400g, and has +65 attack power. This weapon is made by tempering the Lightning Blade with 5 Monsterbone, 4 Iron Ore, and 2 Thunderball. This sword also teaches the hero the Thunder Thrust Master Stroke. It can be further tempered into a Wrath of Zeus.

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Dragon Quest Builders 2[]

One Thunderbolt Blade is hidden in Captain Whitebones' ship in Malhalla, inside the pot of what was previously Lulu's old cell. Since Malhalla can only be visited once, if not retrived from the pot, the only other way to find a Thuderbolt Blade is by getting it as the rare drop from Hargonauts; however, not only they have just around 1% of probability to dropping it, their peculiar spawning conditions further makes the Blade difficult to find: Hargonauts only spawn on the Defiled Isle and the Unholy Holm Explorer's Shores, with only one appearing near the Builder every 5 real world minutes, resulting in the search for the Thunderbolt Blade, potentially taking literally multiple hours.

It has +96 attack power, making it one of the strongest weapons available. Once it has been found at least once, it can be crafted from a Steel broadsword, 3 Magic Crystals, and 1 Zapphire at a Wizard's Workbench, with the process taking 2 minutes to complete.


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