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Tiala is a character who appears in Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel.


Tiala is the saint of the Red Stone, a descendant of the Bon tribe. She is the childhood friend and love interest of Abel. The series starts on her fifteenth birthday, when she receives the Red Stone from the elder Yogi. This prompts Baramos to kidnap her.

While she has no special powers, she eventually manages to escape from Baramos and eventually rushes to Abel's aid. She awakens the Great Dragon as part of their combined efforts to stop Baramos.


Tiala as a cheerful disposition and a positive character. She never despairs when she's in captivity and even manages to make friends among the monsters that are guarding her. She has an undying faith in Abel. She likes to create inventions and enjoys singing.


Tiala wears a red and white diamond pattern headband, an Indian-looking yellow tunic with a patterned sash, white pants and sandals. Tiala has black eyes and wears her long black hair in twin braids. Her look is vaguely reminiscent of a Native American or a Hindu woman, especially with her original skintone from Akira Toriyama's concept art.


Displayed in eyecatchers that were cut from the US broadcast.