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Tick-Tock is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. It instantly switches the time between day and night.


Dragon Quest III

Mages and Sages will learn Tick-tock at level 25, and it costs a hefty 12MP to cast in all versions. Using the Night light will have the same effect.

Dragon Quest IV

Tick-Tock is learned by Borya at level 17 and costs 12 MP to cast in the NES version, 2 in the PSX, and 4 in the DS and mobile phone versions. The effect can also be generated by using the night light as before.

Dragon Quest V

Tick-tock is learned by a variety of characters, and costs 4 MP in all versions.

Name Level
Dracky 15
Wax murderer 15
Nera 17
Hero's Daughter 18
Minidemon 20
Rebjørn 30

Dragon Quest X

Tick-tock returns after a long absence as part of a special gimmick dungeon themed around shrines dedicated to dawn and dusk, with players of any vocation being granted access to the spell to complete the puzzles therein.

By nature of being an MMORPG, X must have all players experiencing the flow of time at the same rate, and thus Tick-tock is limited in use. The distinction of the dungeon on a programming level is that it is loaded separately from the rest of the game world and users once the player(s) elect to complete the quest related to it, allowing for time manipulation as the area necessitates.

Dragon Quest XI

Tick-tock is an enemy exclusive spell that appears in the 3DS version of XI. It is cast by Dayle, who is found in Trodain Castle, and has no effect in battle other than wasting the monster's turn. However, it's used to prevent night from coming, marking the first time the spell is used for evil purposes.

Other languages

Other languages
French Unknown
German Ticktack
Spanish Tic-Tac
Italian Tic Toc
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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