Tickington is a location exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and 3DS versions of Dragon Quest XI. It is the home of the Tockles, the ethereal keepers of time. As such, the village itself also lays outside of the normal flow of time.


Dragon Quest XI

Tickington is a simple village of white, oblong buildings set between a pastoral riverside and rock wall. The river is filled with large, stone gears akin to those found in a clock, and the buildings often have thick vines growing along their roofs and walls. Being an isolated community, the village lacks an item shop, but does have an inn the player may stay at for free along with a gold bank. In the northeastern side, there is also a large bar.

The centerpiece of the village is the Echo Chamber--a holy temple in which the tockles preserve the storied history of past adventures. Before the events of the game take place, an unknown force has disturbed these tomes and sealed them off after releasing powerful monsters into the past. Unable to handle the disaster on their own, the tockles enlist the Luminary and his allies to right the wrongs and preserve the tattered history before it is too late.

Differences between 3DS and Switch versions

The 3DS version allows players to explore Tickington in 3D, whereas the Switch edition is limited to the 2D mode. Furthermore, a streetpass function similar to the grotto maps found in Dragon Quest IX was removed in the Switch version--this feature would send Tockles the player has befriended into simple dungeons to recover rare items. The entrance to this area remains, but it is blocked off by a red tockle.

Minor differences exist as well, such as the inability to use the Fun-size Forge or view the defeated monsters list. The Switch version requires players to save their game before entering Tickington as well, as only the entrance near the Gallopolis region can be zoomed to instead of the village itself.

Other names

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French Unknown
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Spanish Horense
Italian Achronia
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